Pete Coors on Homeland Security

Republican Senate Challenger (CO)

Important to check baggage and freight

The biggest threat is not the passengers, not the 84-year-old grandmothers going through the (metal-detector) system, but that posed by baggage and freight, Coors said.
Source: Colorado Senate Debate in Rocky Mountain News Oct 30, 2004

We'll never have perfect security in the US

SALAZAR: Salazar said a better way to end hostilities in Iraq would be to focus on reconstruction, with the help of NATO and US allies. And he said that the Bush administration's greatest strategic blunder in Iraq was going in without a plan to secure the peace.

COORS: But Coors responded that the US had no plan to bring troops home when it went into World War II. He also said that while Americans don't feel as secure as they did four years ago, they feel more secure than they did last year. "We'll never have perfect security in the US," he added.

SALAZAR: Salazar said that wasn't good enough. "I believe we have not done enough, we have not acted with a sense of urgency. before 9/11 or after," he said, referring to reports that warned of terrorist attacks before the World Trade Center and Pentagon were hit. Salazar also said the reforms recommended by the 9/11 Commission should be implemented immediately.

Source: [Xref Salazar] Colorado Senate Debate in Rocky Mountain News Oct 30, 2004

We should be more worried about Iran and North Korea

Q: Bush said "Even though there are no weapons of mass destruction, knowing what I know today, I still made the right decision to go to war." Do you agree with that?

A: Clearly, we should be more worried today, actually, about Iran and North Korea than we are about Iraq, based on weapons of mass destruction. But I think that the conditions change on an ongoing basis, and we must look at the facts that we have before us at the time we make a decision.

Source: Colorado Senate Debate on Meet the Press Oct 10, 2004

Scrutinize the massive intelligence failures in the US

Q: Do you still believe that Iraq posed `a clear and immediate danger' to the US?

A: Bush made a very persuasive case to the American public, and if there's a gun that's pointed at one of my children, we ought to take action and essentially that was the presentation that was made by the president to the American people. And, today, we know that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and what we ought to be doing is learning from the mistakes that have been made and also looking forward to what we ought to do in Iraq to try to stabilize the country. The most important thing we ought to be looking at is why we have such massive intelligence failures in our country. We had massive intelligence failures before 9/11 and before going into Iraq, and yet I haven't seen one person being held accountable. Creating a director of intelligence and doing all the rest of the things that we need to do in order to have the right intelligence in our country I think is imperative for us.

Source: Colorado Senate Debate on Meet the Press Oct 10, 2004

Get people in a coalition that's been working with the enemy

Q: You said this in your debate in September: "I sense that Ken [Salazar] wants to return to the days of appeasement, that he would respond after we are attacked." When were the days of appeasement? Who were the appeasers?

A: When I talk about appeasement [I mean] as he aligns himself with Senator Kerry, who has consistently said we should have had more of an effort to get a coalition. "We should have, we should have, we should have." It's a campaign of hopes and wishes. Frankly, I haven't heard yet Salazar's plan to get people into a coalition who have been working with the enemy. We were attacked on 9/11. This country was attacked; 3,000 people were incinerated. We have an enemy that, if they could have killed 300,000 or three million, would have had no more remorse. I think it takes strong, bold action. I think that's what Bush did, and I support that action.

Source: Colorado Senate Debate on Meet the Press Oct 10, 2004

Give our military the resources they need

We're blessed by the brave men and women who wear our nation's uniform and safeguard our freedom. I believe we must give our military the resources they need so they can continue to be the best fighting force in the world.
Source: Campaign website, PeteCoorsforSenate.com, "On The Issues" Jun 3, 2004

Government's top priority should be homeland security

Today, our nation confronts enemies like we have never seen. Those enemies seek to destroy all we hold dear. What does our Constitution call on our government to hold as the number one job? Protecting our homeland. Keeping us safe from terrorism. You can count me as a vote to back our troops every time.
Source: Announcement of U.S. Senate Candidacy Apr 13, 2004

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