Ned Lamont on Immigration


Focus on employers hiring, not on building fences

Q: What do we do about illegal immigrants?

A: When it comes to securing our border which so important, you can militarize the border like George Bush says, you can put up fences and walls, but as long as you have employees hiring illegals, people will be coming across the border and looking for a better opportunity for their kids. Under the Bush administration, we have cut down on the number of employer enforcements & that's why we have a lot of the illegal immigration that we have today.

Source: 2006 Connecticut Democratic Senate Primary debate Jul 6, 2006

Give illegal immigrants a path to earned citizenship

I support the Senate immigration bill, as did Sen. Lieberman. We both agree that you have to have comprehensive immigration reform. You've got to deal with the folks who are here in this country, the 11 or 12 million people. Give them a path to earn the legal status. I think that's so important.

I think we have got to be careful about [saying] the guest workers are doing jobs that Americans just won't do. You pay a decent wage with decent benefits, you'll find Americans are willing to do these jobs

Source: 2006 Connecticut Democratic Senate Primary debate Jul 6, 2006

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