Cynthia Thielen on Energy & Oil


Highlights opposition to Akaka's support of drilling ANWR

Thielen's candidacy offers Republicans the opportunity to gain traction on several key issues. Thielen is a staunch supporter of environmental protection, and it is from this vantage point that she can point out holes in Akaka's record-- most notably his vote favoring oil drilling in the Arctic refuge of Alaska. Additionally, she's become a vocal champion of alternative energy development, taking a particular interest in the prospects for wave energy.
Source: Honolulu Advertiser Sep 27, 2006

We're missing the wave on ocean energy replacing oil

Hawai'i remains addicted to oil. Our Islands are blessed with the most abundant ocean energy sources in the US. Yet other than a single buoy pilot project on the Windward side, we simply haven't caught those waves.

Once wave energy technology is established in Hawaiian waters, the price per kilowatt hour for this renewable energy will be lower than Hawaiian Electric Co.'s oil-dependent current rate. The volatility of the global oil market and HECO's delay in tapping renewable energy sources are the key factors in our skyrocketing energy costs. [They delay because] the utilities pass on 100% of increased oil costs to the consumers.

At least four wave energy companies have shown an interest in Hawai'i. But HECO has chosen a "wait and see" attitude. We are in a position to become the industry hub for wave energy technologies. This creates well-paying technical jobs, a new economic sector and enables us to export our technical knowledge. Quite simply, we can't afford to miss this wave!

Source: Campaign website, www.cynthiathielen.com, "Issues" Aug 31, 2006

Voted YES to suspend the gasoline price cap

Bill Number: HB 3115 - A bill for an act relating to the petroleum industry. Cynthia Thielen voted YES. Bill Passed House, 49 - 1. Establishes: (1) petroleum industry monitoring, analysis, and reporting special fund; (2) petroleum industry information reporting system; and (3) unfair practices by petroleum industry. Suspends enforcement of gasoline price limit program by PUC.
Source: Hawaii State Legislature voting records Mar 7, 2006

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