Kim Schrier on Principles & Values



When something is wrong in the world, make it a better place

A lot of the reason I'm here in Congress is because I'm a Jewish woman, and that you grow up with an ethic of "tikkun olam." That when something is wrong in the world, it is your job to make it a better place. I saw some really big wrongs in our country: taking health care away from people, xenophobia, Islamophobia, racism. I decided that if I didn't roll up my sleeves to help get our country headed in a better direction, then I couldn't expect anyone else to.
Source: Jewish News Syndicate on 2019 WA-8 House incumbent , Apr 1, 2019

Decided to make first run for office after the 2016 election

Schrier told ABC News, "I am a pediatrician through and through. My life was to take care of children and teenagers and simply retire and then teach.

"This is one of those moments in history when we're all going to look back and think 'OK, what did we do after the 2016 election?'" she continued. 'What did we do when we saw divisiveness in our country, when we saw attacks on women's reproductive health care, when we saw attacks on our health in general? Were we on the correct side of history?'"

Source: ABC News on 2018 WA-8 House race , Oct 19, 2018

Certify 2020 Presidential election as fully & fairly counted.

Schrier voted NAY blocking certification of the Electoral vote

Explanation of 1/6/21 Electoral Certification, by Emily Brooks, Washington Examiner:Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Paul Gosar led an objection to counting Electoral College votes from the state of Arizona, the first formal objection to state results in a series of moves that will delay the certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election over President Trump. Cruz is advocating for an `emergency 10-day audit` of election returns in disputed states. The usually ceremonial joint session of Congress that convenes to count and accept Electoral College votes will be put on hold as the House and Senate separately debate the objection.