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After Ukraine call transcript, everything else is just noise

Q: Did Trump's Ukraine phone call include a quid pro quo?

ARMSTRONG: President Trump got elected because he doesn't do the things the way everybody else does. President Trump said the phone call was perfect. President Zelensky has said on numerous occasions that he didn't--

Q: And you accept all of this?

ARMSTRONG: --feel the pressure. I do. I think you have the transcript and you have the two principals on the phone call that have stated that. After that, everything else is really just noise.

Source: CBS Face the Nation 2019 interview on impeaching Trump , Nov 24, 2019

Socialism flies in the face of North Dakota values

On Democrats: "Socialism flies in the face of ND values & individual liberty," Armstrong posted to Facebook. "We should be alarmed that Democrats in ND are continuing down the path of radicalism in embracing a doctrine responsible for pain and suffering of millions throughout history. This has to stop."
Source: High Plains Reader on 2018 ND-0 House incumbent , Feb 27, 2019

Certify 2020 Presidential election as fully & fairly counted.

Armstrong voted NAY blocking certification of the Electoral vote

Explanation of 1/6/21 Electoral Certification, by Emily Brooks, Washington Examiner:Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Paul Gosar led an objection to counting Electoral College votes from the state of Arizona, the first formal objection to state results in a series of moves that will delay the certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election over President Trump. Cruz is advocating for an `emergency 10-day audit` of election returns in disputed states. The usually ceremonial joint session of Congress that convenes to count and accept Electoral College votes will be put on hold as the House and Senate separately debate the objection.