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Mississippians aren't bashful about our reliance on the Lord

That's why I'm especially thankful that we were once again able to start this inaugural ceremony with a prayer service Sunday. Mississippians are never bashful about our reliance on the Lord. We know that our faith is responsible for the ties that bind. And I am proud we come together so consistently to lift up our voices in unified prayer to an almighty God. I promise all of you that I will continue seeking God's guidance through every challenge that we face.
Source: 2024 State of the State Address to the Miss. legislature , Jan 9, 2024

Our goal must be what I call Mississippi Forever

Our goal must be what I call Mississippi Forever. I want to build a state where my daughters, and all of our sons and daughters can proudly stay and raise their families. I want every kid, from the Delta to the Coast, to grow up with the idea that they'll be Mississippi Forever. I want every child to have the opportunities for an education, and a career, that enable them to be Mississippi Forever. I want companies that are born here, to know they can grow here--Mississippi Forever.
Source: 2024 State of the State Address to the Miss. legislature , Jan 9, 2024

Never give into cynics who seek to tear down our great state

That's why I urge all of you here today to stand with me and call out the lies when they are thrown at all of us. We can never give into the cynics who seek to tear down our great state.

We can never give into Joe Biden and the national Democrats who seek to force feed us an unhealthy dose of progressivism because they view Mississippians as Neanderthals. And we can never give into those who want us to live in a perpetual state of self-condemnation.

Source: 2023 State of the State Address to the Miss. legislature , Jan 30, 2023

Blessed by one common God who smiles down upon Mississippi

We are blessed to live in a wonderful state. We are blessed to have wonderful neighbors. We are blessed by one common God who smiles down upon Mississippi. I have no doubt that our future is brighter than ever before and that, together, we will continue to build this great state upwards.

God bless all of you. And may God continue to bless this great state that we all love, Mississippi.

Source: 2023 State of the State Address to the Miss. legislature , Jan 30, 2023

I love data; I swim in it; it's what I do for fun

You all know how fond I am of data. I love it. I swim in it. It's what I do for fun--and yes, I realize how uncool that makes me. In fact, just ask my teenage daughters if you have any doubt about how uncool I am. But this is not merely data on a page. These numbers are real people. These are real lives that have been transformed--and family trajectories that have been forever altered.
Source: 2022 State of the State Address to MIssissippi legislature , Jan 25, 2022

Sin is inherent in the human condition

There is no country on this earth without sin in its past. That is because there is no person on this earth without sin. Sin is inherent in the human condition. Injustice is still too present today. We must teach that truth. We must learn from our history.
Source: 2022 State of the State Address to MIssissippi legislature , Jan 25, 2022

America's founding set world to greater prosperity & freedom

We can proudly teach that America is the first nation in history to be born of ideals--not just blood and soil. With the radical founding of America, we set the world on a course towards greater prosperity and freedom. Racism is not unique to America. Injustice is not unique to America. It is endemic in humanity because humanity is sinful. But the American notion that God grants rights that no one can take away--that notion is still transforming the entire planet.
Source: 2022 State of the State Address to MIssissippi legislature , Jan 25, 2022

In Mississippi we realize that your life is a gift from God

Here in Mississippi, we realize that your life is a gift from God, and it is sacred. That comes straight from His word, which reads in Deuteronomy: "I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live, loving the Lord your God, obeying his voice and holding fast to him, for he is your life and length of days."
Source: 2022 State of the State Address to MIssissippi legislature , Jan 25, 2022

We're all on the same team, made in the image of God

We'll always have spirited debate and disagreement. You can fight for what you believe in, while honoring the man or woman on the other side. Above all we have to understand that every Mississippian--every American--is on the same team. We all want to be treated with grace. And we're all made in the image of a perfect God. So, my goal is to act like it.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to Mississippi legislature , Jan 26, 2021

Ensure Mississippi children learn true history of America

The Governor wants to spend three million dollars for this patriotic fund. Critics say it sounds like a page from President Donald Trump's America First playbook. According to the governor money would be used to make sure Mississippi school children learn the true history of America instead of far left socialist teaching that emphasizes its shortcomings.
Source: WAPT on 2023 Mississippi Gubernatorial race , Nov 17, 2020

Mississippi is headed in the right direction

Reeves' chief objective in his 2019 campaign for governor is convincing Mississippians that he's done more good than bad for Mississippi, that the state after his eight years of leadership over the Senate is on the right track and he should be given at least four more years to build upon his body of work as Mississippi's chief executive.

His strategy [is] to avoid talking about serious problems that still exist in the state as doing so could jeopardize his "good body of work" argument. When he does talk policy on the trail, he touts gains made during his eight years in office such as increasing test scores and employment rates rather than forward-looking solutions.

"I think it's a pretty difficult argument to make that Mississippi isn't in far better shape today than we were eight years ago, and I think that's why you're seeing people in places like these rally behind our campaign," Reeves said. "The voters know things are better off, and they know we're headed in the right direction."

Source: MississippiToday.org on 2019 Mississippi Gubernatorial race , Jul 15, 2019

AdWatch: defend "In God We Trust" on new car tag

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves released a TV ad in June. In the ad, he promises to defend the new car tag, which features the state seal that reads "In God We Trust."

He has since continued beating that drum, invoking the names of top Washington Democrats and "out of state liberals," Antifa, Nike and Colin Kaepernick, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, former President Barack Obama and Eric Holder while boasting of his endorsement from the NRA and vowing to defend the state's new license tag.

Source: MississippiToday AdWatch:2018-19 Mississippi Governor race , Jul 15, 2019

Aligns God with prayers for both state and nation

This #NationalDayofPrayer, let us remember the power of God's love as we pray for our state and nation. I appreciate those who are gathered in faith on the steps of the state Capitol today.
Source: Twitter posting on 2018 Mississippi Senate race , May 3, 2018

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