Ned Lamont on Drugs


Reduce demand and discuss constructive alternatives

Q: How do you feel about our nation's war on drugs?

A: As long as there's a demand, people are going to find a way to get drugs in this country. I could talk about tighter border controls, I could talk about interdiction-but let's face it-the law of supply and demand: As long as there's an overwhelming demand here, drugs are going to find their way in. We've got to be very forthright with our kids and talk about it in a way we find constructive alternatives to drug use. That's our best hope.

Source: The Truthdig Interview, by Blair Golson Apr 25, 2006

Skeptical about jailing nonviolent drug offendors

Q: What about sending people to jail for nonviolent drug-related crimes?

A: I'm very skeptical about that. It doesn't act as a deterrent. And it congests our jails with folks who aren't a danger to society, and in many cases we have revolving doors-- in which people who are a danger to society are let out. Where drug addiction is a disease, it should be treated as a disease. Where it's a crime, it should be treated as a crime.

Source: The Truthdig Interview, by Blair Golson Apr 25, 2006

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