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The Joe who attends Hollywood fundraisers isnít the old Joe

CHENEY: I liked the old Joe Lieberman better. Joe established an outstanding record in his work on violence in the media. There is the view that the depth of conviction isnít quite as strong as it was. On one hand, he criticizes the activities of the industry, and at the same time, he participates in fund-raising events with some of the people responsible.

LIEBERMAN: Al Gore and I have felt for a long time that we cannot let Americaís parents stand alone in this competition that they feel theyíre in with Hollywood to raise their own kids. John McCain and I requested the report that proved conclusively that the entertainment industry is marketing adult-rated products to our children. When that report came out, Al Gore and I said to the industry, ďStop it. And if you donít stop it in six months, weíre going to ask the FTC to take action against you.Ē Al Gore and I agree on most everything. We disagree on some things, and I have not changed a single position since Al Gore nominated me.

Source: Vice-Presidential debate Oct 5, 2000

Gore makes up stories to win votes

Cheney said (Gore) ďsimply makes some things up out of whole cloth and repeats them over and over and over again until heís called on it.Ē He referred to doubts about an anecdote Gore used when he told a group of elderly that the arthritis medicine his mother-in-law took cost three times as much as the animal version. ďGore is going around the country, making up stories about his family, citing costs that may or may not have been paid in order to try to win a political argument.Ē
Source: Michael Cooper, NY Times on 2000 election Sep 20, 2000

Bush not necessarily doomed to one-term weak presidency

Q: Three times in our history, weíve had presidents who lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College. All three were one-term presidents.

A: I can recall some other presidents, Thomas Jefferson, who emerged from a very complicated, convoluted process, [to become] an enormously successful president. So I think thereís evidence on both sides. It will be up to what we do with it. Itíll be obviously a challenge in part to how well we govern, to our ability to build bridges to the opposition, whether the country will come together.

I think the prognosis is pretty good, because I donít believe the country is deeply divided. I think this is a time of relative peace and prosperity in America, that we should be able to pull together. We are united as a people. Itís going to be hard, but I think the notion that somehow itís doomed, or that the next administration is bound to be only a one-term administration, I donít think thatís a valid judgment. I donít think anybody can make that forecast

Source: Dick Cheney interview on NBCís ďMeet the Press.Ē Dec 3, 2000

Itís time for Gore to concede

Q: Do you think Al Gore is a sore loser?

A: I donít want to get personal about Al Gore. I think all of us understand how difficult this is for him. With the enormous investment he made in the campaign, it would be hard for anybody to go through that process. I do think itís time for him to concede. So far heís chosen not to do that, and clearly thatís his prerogative. But I think history would regard him in a better light if he were to bring this to a close in the very near future.

Source: Dick Cheney interview on NBCís ďMeet the Press.Ē Dec 3, 2000

Back to work full time after very mild heart attack

Q: What about your health?

A: Iím back to work full time.

Q: What about stress in the future?

A: I was under considerably more stress during the Gulf War. It was a very mild heart attack. The definition of a heart attack has been changed.

Q: What if you canít handle the job due to health?

A: We made a great deal of information available, [more than in] the history of Vice Presidential candidates. People looked at my health before I signed onto the ticket. It was a major consideration, and doctors gave me a clean bill of health. If I ever reach the point where I do have serious health problems, then obviously Iíd step down. But I donít think Iím going to reach that point.

Source: Cheney Interview on Today Show Nov 28, 2000

TX manual recount law has standards; FLís is divination

Q: What about Florida?

A: Weíve had a count and a recount - itís time to wrap this up. Gore will challenge, for the first time in history, a presidential election in the courts.

Q: What about Goreís charge that thousands of votes havenít been counted?

A: All these votes have been counted. Theyíre asking the courts to intervene to count [more votes] in Democratic counties. Theyíve already been counted twice by machine.

Q: Bush agreed with a Texas law that said manual recounts are valid.

A: Thereís a big difference. In Texas, the law defines the standards under which a manual recount will be recounted. Trying to divine the intent of voters is no way to decide a president.

Source: Cheney Interview on Today Show Nov 28, 2000

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