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Opposed Trump order on defunding sanctuary cities

Sanctuary cities are already fighting back against President Donald Trump's executive order to strip them of funding if they protect undocumented immigrants. "If people want to live here, they'll live here. They can use my office. They can use any office in this building," said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. "I will use all of my power within lawful means to protect all Boston residents--even if that means using City Hall itself as a last resort."
Source: Common Dreams blog on 2021 Biden Cabinet , Jan 26, 2017

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A son of immigrants, Marty's experience reflects the values and contributions that immigrants continue to make in the city of Boston. Today, immigrants account for over a quarter of the city's total population and foreign-born residents have nearly doubled since 1990. The Walsh Administration will do more to celebrate the individual and cultural identities of our immigrant residents, while simultaneously facilitating inclusion in their adopted country.
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website, MartyWalsh.org, "Issues" , Nov 7, 2013

Voted YES on in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants

Mass. Democratic Party Platform indicates voting YES in Part V: LABOR; Clause 13: Immigrant rights. [State Rep. Walsh, a Democrat, voted YES].

This vote was on an amendment to a bill concerning in-state tuition rates. The amendment would allow children of undocumented immigrants to access in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities rates provided they went to Massachusetts high school for three years, were in the process of becoming citizens or pledged to start the process once they became eligible and could provide proof that they are state tax payers. Voting YES indicates support of more equal treatment for children of undocumented immigrants.

The relevant part of the MassDems Platform is Part V. LABOR, clause 13: We believe that refugee and immigrant workers should have the same rights and protections... as do United States citizens.

Bill H. 1230 lines 17-23; vote number H329

Source: Massachusetts House voting record via MassScorecard.org , Jan 11, 2006

Supported two-way bilingual programs; supported English-only

Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform indicates voting YES in Part II: Education:Excellence, Equality & Community. [State Rep. Walsh voted YES].

Gov. Romney vetoed budget section 210, which says. "Section 4 of MGL chapter 71A is hereby further amended to add:--"Foreign language classes for children who already know English, 2-way bilingual programs... shall be unaffected." [MGL chapter 71A requires English-only classroom teaching. Section 210 would exempt "2-way classes" in which some students are native English speakers and some are non-native English speakers. A vote to override the Governor's veto would continue to allow that type of bilingual education although foreign-language classes without native English-speaking students woul still be disallowed.]

The relevant part of the MassDems Platform is "We reaffirm our support for classroom programs, including Special and Bilingual Education"

Source citation: Excellence, Equality and Community; Bill Section 209 ; vote number 266

Source: Massachusetts House voting record via MassScorecard.org , Jul 14, 2003

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