Marty Walsh on Health Care



Voted YES on maintaining two state psychiatric hospitals

Mass. Democratic Party Platform indicates voting YES in Part II: HEALTH CARE: Clause 16 & 17: Mental health. [State Rep. Walsh, a Democrat, voted YES].

In the budget item for the operation of adult inpatient facilities and community mental health centers, the legislature called for a study on how psychiatric patients at Worcester State Hospital and Westborough State Hospital might be best served. The Governor vetoed the section requiring that the legislature approve possible closure of the two hospitals, transferring the closure decision to the executive branch. A vote of YES would override the Governor's veto, and keep the decision on mental hospital closings within the legislative branch, thereby making closure less likely.

The relevant part of the MassDems Platform is Part II, clause 16&17: HEALTH CARE: We oppose cuts in mental health services. We support an expansion of private health insurance benefits to include mental health parity.

Bill H.4001 budget item 5095-0015 ; vote #H123

Source: Massachusetts House voting record via MassScorecard.org , Jul 14, 2005

Voted YES on Constitutional call for universal health care

Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform indicates voting YES in Part III: Health Care:Health Care. [State Rep. Walsh voted YES].

Vote on a Constitutional Amendment: It shall be the obligation and duty of the Legislature and executive officials to enact such laws... as will ensure that no Massachusetts resident lacks comprehensive, affordable and equitably financed health insurance coverage for all medically necessary preventive, acute and chronic health care and mental health care services, prescription drugs and devices.

Relevant platform section: Health Care: Our Party supports the creation of a single-payer health care system both in Massachusetts and in the nation in order to achieve the goal of universal health care. We understand that other methods are less satisfactory to us, but we remain committed to ensuring that every man, woman, and child in our state should have access to high quality health care.

Source citation: Constitutional Amendment ; vote number 721

Source: Massachusetts House voting record via MassScorecard.org , Jul 14, 2004

Voted NO on tax credits for all smoking regulation costs

Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform indicates voting NO in Part III: Health Care:Tobacco. [State Rep. Walsh voted NO].

Corporations shall be allowed a tax credit equal to 100 per cent of the costs incurred, for the purchase and installation of ventilation systems and any other materials used in the construction of a designated smoking area designed to reduce the presence of smoke in non-smoking areas, pursuant to any board of health regulation, city ordinance, town bylaw, or any other municipal variance or exemption. [The effect of this legislation would be to make legislating restrictions on smoking fmore difficult].

Relevant platform section: Part III: Health Care: Tobacco: "We support legislation to regulate smoking in the workplace and all public settings."

Source citation: Bill H.4249 ; vote number 430

Source: Massachusetts House voting record via MassScorecard.org , Oct 22, 2003

Opposed $10M cut in the uncompensated care pool

Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform indicates voting YES in X2:Access and Costs. [State Rep. Walsh voted YES].

Override Gov. Romney's veto of a Budget Line Item which eliminated $9,670,807 in funding for the uncompensated care pool. This care pool provides health care for people who would otherwise not be covered for hospital visits.

Relevant platform section: PART III: HEALTH CARE, ACCESS & CHOICE: Access and Costs: "We remain committed to extending proper coverage to each of the hundreds of thousands of residents still uninsured, and to aiding the even greater number who are underinsured, or at risk of being so."

Source citation: Veto Override ; vote number 170

Source: Massachusetts House voting record via MassScorecard.org , Jul 8, 2003

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