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Democratic Presidential Challenger (withdrawn); former HUD Secretary


Bold, new vision to lift up Americans

Our problems didn't start with Trump, and we won't solve them by embracing old ideas. We need a bold vision: universal pre-K and universal health care, unleashing millions of new jobs in the clean energy economy, a tax system that rewards people who have to work for a living.
Source: September Democratic Primary debate in Houston , Sep 12, 2019

President should bring people together, not divide

We need leadership at every level, starting with the president, that will be big enough to try and bring people of different backgrounds together, because we know that this shooter and his bigotry does not reflect the vast majority of Americans of any background. So with leadership we can try and unite and heal our country and tamp down this kind of bigotry and acting out among a few people.
Source: ABC This Week interview for Democratic 2020 Veepstakes , Aug 4, 2019

Trump should be impeached for obstruction of justice

Q: Your reaction to former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's appearance in front of Congress?

CASTRO: I was the first of the candidates to call on Congress to begin impeachment proceedings. There are 10 different incidents that Robert Mueller has pointed out where this president either obstructed justice or attempted to obstruct justice. And I believe that they should go forward with impeachment proceedings.

Q: Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, when asked whether or not the president could be charged with a crime after leaving office, his answer was yes. Would you?

CASTRO: As to the question of what my Department of Justice would do, I agree with those who say that a president should not direct an attorney general specifically to prosecute or not prosecute. However, I believe that the evidence is plain and clear and that if it gets that far, that you're likely to see a prosecution of Donald Trump.

Source: July Democratic Primary debate, on impeaching Trump , Jul 31, 2019

Mueller Report is clear that Trump deserves impeachment

[On impeachment while focusing on issues important to the American electorate]: I really do believe that we can walk and chew gum at the same time. All of us have a vision for the future of the country that we're articulating to the American people. We're going to continue to do that.

But too many folks in Congress have been spooked by 1998. The times are different. And in fact, I think that folks are making a mistake by not pursuing impeachment. The Mueller Report clearly details that he deserves it. And what's going to happen in the fall of 2020, if they don't impeach him, is that he's going to say, "You see? The Democrats didn't go after me on impeachment, and you know why? Because I didn't do anything wrong."

Conversely, if Mitch McConnell is the one that lets him off the hook, we're going to be able to say, "Well, sure, they impeached him in the House, but his friend, Mitch McConnell, Moscow Mitch, let him off the hook."

Source: July Democratic Primary debate, on Mueller Report , Jul 31, 2019

Make America better than it's ever been

I know we have a wonderful, special nation but that too many people are struggling. And I know what that's like, too. I grew up with a single mom in a poor neighborhood. Like many of you, I don't want to make America anything again. I don't want us to go backward. We're not going back to the past. We're not going back where we came from. We're going to move forward. We're going to make America better than it's ever been in the years to come. Let's do that together.
Source: July Democratic Primary debate (second night in Detroit) , Jul 31, 2019

Help me build the future as one nation with one destiny

This election is about what kind of nation we're going to become. Donald Trump has not been bashful in his cruelty. And I'm not going to be bashful in my common sense and compassion. I believe that we need leadership that understands that we need to move forward as one nation, with one destiny. And our destiny in the years to come is to be the smartest, the healthiest, the fairest, and the most prosperous nation on earth. Help me build that America for the future.
Source: July Democratic Primary debate (second night in Detroit) , Jul 31, 2019

Grew up with Catholic tradition and progressive activism

Q: How does being Catholic inform your worldview?

A: I grew up in a household with a strong Catholic tradition. The grandmother I grew up with had been a devout Catholic. Going to Mass with her when I was a kid, & she would wear a veil over her head. My mother went to 16 straight years of Catholic school. She also became this hell-raiser when she was a young woman. Very politically active. Very progressive. I grew up with both of these things: this Catholic tradition and this very progressive mother.

Q: You often talk about basic human dignity and equality as the foundation of your policy proposals. Why do they matter?

A: The whole reason I got into politics and public service in the first place was based on this idealistic notion that we could create a world in which everybody is able to reach their full potential. Everybody is able to prosper. Some of that is rooted in the Catholic faith, a lot of it is rooted in the upbringing I had with my mother, this progressive upbringing.

Source: Religion News Service on 2019 Democratic primary , Jul 25, 2019

Estoy postulando por presidente de los Estados Unidos

Me llamo Julián Castro, y estoy postulando por presidente de los Estados Unidos. [My name is Julian Castro, and I'm running for president of the United States].

The very fact that I can say that tonight shows the progress that we have made in this country. Like many of you, I know the promise of America. My grandmother came here when she was 7 years old as an immigrant from Mexico, and just two generations later, one of her grandsons is serving in the United States Congress and the other one is running for president of the United States.

If I'm elected president, I will work hard every single day so that you and your family can get good health care, your child can get a good education, and that you can have good job opportunities, whether you live in a big city or a small town. And on January 20, 2021, we'll say adios to Donald Trump.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) , Jun 26, 2019

Make America smartest, healthiest, fairest & most prosperous

The former housing and urban development secretary said his goal is to make the US the smartest, healthiest, fairest and most prosperous nation on earth. Maybe it's his response to "make America great again", although it will be considerably harder to print on a hat.
Source: BBC.com on 2020 Democratic primary contenders at 2019 SXSW , Mar 12, 2019

Jo & Ju

1977: As kids, engaged in San Antonio city politics In 1977, San Antonio let voters decide if the city should change from an at-large system of elections to single-member districts. The referendum passed[.] This immediately diversified the face of public representation in San Antonio. Four years later, From an early age, Joaquin and I were taught the importance of political engagement, and we attended rallies and were even pictured in some of the campaign literature. By the age of eight, I lost count of how many times I heard my mother tell me, "As a citizen, you need to participate in the democratic process. I something is wrong you can change it. Your efforts may pay off in the long run, even if you don't get your way right now."
Source: An Unlikely Journey, by Julian Castro, p. 40 , Oct 16, 2018

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