Hillary Clinton on Labor & Farming

The working poor deserve a living wage

We should be working to keep a basic bargain with all Americans: If you work hard and are responsible, you will not live in poverty. If you study this issue, you can clearly see it will not hurt the economy, it will not increase unemployment. There are those who have opposed an increase in the minimum wage, arguing that it will cost jobs, and there are some people who say we need more studies.. They are wrong.
Source: Speech in Queens Oct 24, 1999

America can afford to raise the minimum wage

America can afford to raise the minimum wage. The last time it was raised was in 1966, 10 million Americans got a raise and the economy continued to create jobs at a unprecedented pace. Raising the minimum wage is certainly an American issue and a human issue. But it is particularly a woman’s issue. It is also a children’s issue and a family issue.
Source: Remarks at Minimum Wage Event, Capitol Hill Sep 28, 1999

Voted NO on repealing Clinton's ergonomic rules on repetitive stress.

Vote to pass a resolution to give no enforcement authority or power to ergonomics rules submitted by the Labor Department during the Clinton Administration. These rules would force businesses to take steps to prevent work-related repetitive stress disord
Bill S J Res 6 ; vote number 2001-15 on Mar 6, 2001

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