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OpEd: Pressure incumbents by funding primary challengers

The Koch brothers aggressively push their political agenda, and money is their primary tool. Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) said about President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, "I think the process ought to go forward," [when the GOP wanted to block the process until Obama's term expired].

When the Kochs heard about Moran's statement, they quickly brought down their well-financed fist: if Moran did not change his position instantly, they would find another Republican to run against him in the his next primary and launch an all-out offensive from the right. Koch-funded groups then flooded Moran's office with tens of thousands of e-mails and distributed flyers at one of his local town hall meetings.

Moran assessed the threat and realized that even his very safe Kansas seat could be at risk. With head-snapping speed, he reversed his position.

Source: This Fight is Our Fight, by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, p.161-4 , Apr 18, 2017

OpEd: Millions spent shows the importance of politics

In 2015 I traveled to South Carolina. A young black man informed me that, to him and his friends, politics was totally irrelevant to their lives. It was not something they cared about or even talked about.

Frankly, this lack of political consciousness is exactly what the ruling class of this country wants. The Koch brothers spend hundreds of millions to elect candidates who represent the rich and the powerful. They understand the importance of politics. Meanwhile, people who work for low wages, have no health insurance, and live in inadequate housing don't see a connection between the reality of their lives and what government does or does not do. Showing people that connection is a very big part of what a progressive political movement has to do. How can we bring about real social change in this country if people in need are not involved in the political process? We need a political revolution. We need to get people involved. We need to get people voting.

Source: Our Revolution, by Bernie Sanders, p. 66 , Nov 15, 2016

OpEd:1980 Libertarian platform has become GOP standard

In 1980, David Koch ran for vice president on the Libertarian Party ticket and helped fund its campaign activities. I understand that 1980 is a long time ago, but there is no evidence to suggest that the Koch brothers' view on the major issues facing our country have substantively changed.

What is frightening is how much success they have had over the years in pushing some of these ideas into the political mainstream. Back in 1980, they were considered "fringe" and "crazy" proposals, and Koch's Libertarian Party received almost no support. Today the views of the Koch brothers are the dominant ideology in the Republican Party, and candidates all over the country publicly defend them.

Source: Our Revolution, by Bernie Sanders, p.198 , Nov 15, 2016

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