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Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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    Josh Breechen: Parental approval for minors; collect info from patients.
    Abby Broyles: Women are capable of making their own health care decisions.
    Brad Henry: Provide patients with materials about pain and unborn child.
    Chris Powell: Leave decision to states or the people themselves.
    Chris Powell: No public funding of organizations that perform abortions.
    Connie Johnson: Advocate for women's reproductive freedom in State Senate.
    Drew Edmondson: Supports abortion rights for women, part of his platform.
    Drew Edmondson: No state in women's decisions regarding reproduction.
    Gary Richardson: Life is a beautiful gift from our Father who created us.
    James Inhofe: Human life begins at conception.
    James Lankford: Assure pro-life taxpayers not forced to pay for abortions.
    Joan Farr: Adoption is the answer for unborn children.
    Joan Farr: When sperm and egg unite it is God's will it should be born.
    Joe Dorman: Pro-life.
    Joe Dorman: Pro-life legislative voting history.
    Joe Dorman: Provide patients with materials about pain and unborn child.
    Joe Maldonado: You own your body; not the Government.
    Joy Hofmeister: Personally pro-life; against extremism on both sides.
    Joy Hofmeister: Personal decision between woman, her doctor and her faith.
    Kendra Horn: Endorsed in 2018 race by EMILY's List.
    Kevin Stine: Government should not interfere with woman's right to choose.
    Kevin Stitt: Ban abortions except rape, incest or to save life of mother.
    Kevin Stitt: Human life begins at conception.
    Kevin Stitt: We'll protect the rights of unborn children.
    Madison Horn: Restore a woman's right to decide when to have a family.
    Mary Fallin: Signed two pro-life bills later struck down by Supreme Court.
    Mick Cornett: Ban abortions except rape, incest or to save life of mother.
    Mike Workman: Support a woman's right to choose.
    Nathan Dahm: Parental approval for minors; collect info from patients.
    Nathan Dahm: Taking an innocent life through abortion must be stopped.
    Scott Pruitt: Claimed abortion linked to breast cancer & infertility.
    Scott Pruitt: Provide patients with materials about pain and unborn child.
    T.W. Shannon: Protect human life from the moment of conception.
    T.W. Shannon: Abortion the greatest moral black mark on American society.
    Kendra Horn: Regulating abortion is government overreach.
    Kevin Stitt: FactCheck: Less than 1% of abortions are after 21 weeks.
    Madison Horn: Ensure individuals' rights to reproductive health.
Budget & Economy
    Brad Henry: Increase the Rainy Day Fund from 10% to 15% of revenue.
    Brad Henry: Surgical budget cuts to close $600M budget hole.
    Chris Powell: Market-led recovery better than stimulus.
    Connie Johnson: Revenue is part of the problem.
    Gary Jones: Cut budget without losing core services.
    Gary Richardson: Curb wasteful spending in our state government.
    James Inhofe: Free enterprise is the key to national prosperity.
    James Lankford: The debt problem is a spending problem not a tax problem.
    Joan Farr: Get Out of Debt plan: cut waste, fraud and abuse.
    Joe Dorman: Prosperity requires more than making irresponsible cuts.
    Joe Maldonado: Market-led recovery better than stimulus.
    Kevin Stitt: Create a level playing field for competition.
    Kevin Stitt: State budget needs audits and line-item budgeting.
    Kevin Stitt: Cut waste, rather than new taxes, for growth.
    Madison Horn: Pass balanced budget legislation, reduce earmarks.
    Markwayne Mullin: Time to balance the budget and rein in federal spending.
    Matt Silverstein: Ban earmarks & cut spending to reduce debt.
    Mick Cornett: History of developing budget based on needs of the community.
    Rick Weiland: Federal shutdown is more than wrong; it is shameful.
    T.W. Shannon: Debt is a form of slavery.
Civil Rights
    Chris Powell: Strongly supports same-sex marriage.
    Dan Boren: Code Talker Recognition Act: recognize WWII Native Americans.
    James Inhofe: Government shouldn't redefine marriage.
    James Lankford: Equality Act not about equality, prohibits disagreement.
    Joan Farr: Against gay marriage & others laws favoring a small minority.
    Joe Maldonado: Strongly supports same-sex marriage.
    Joy Hofmeister: Listen to perspective and priorities of tribal nations.
    Joy Hofmeister: Transgender bathroom policy: let local schools decide.
    Kendra Horn: An ally and proud supporter of the Equality Act.
    Kevin Stine: Government should not interfere in marriage.
    Madison Horn: Expand hate crime laws to include gender, personal identity.
    Matt Silverstein: Equal pay concept: level the field for women.
    Matt Silverstein: Firm support of marriage equality for gays and lesbians.
    Matt Silverstein: Grandmother beaten for speaking her native Choctaw language.
    Mick Cornett: Wants local government to have diversity; represent everyone.
    Mike Workman: Equal treatment regardless of sexual orientation.
    Kevin Stitt: Oppose bathrooms that match their gender identity.
    Brad Henry: Elected director of a consumer financial recovery company.
    Brad Henry: Elected director of a consumer financial recovery company.
    Drew Edmondson: Close tax loopholes as one means to a fair budget.
    Gary Richardson: End special tax breaks encouraged by lobbyists.
    James Lankford: Our corporate tax rates are some of the highest in the world.
    Matt Silverstein: Cut corporate taxes and corporate loopholes.
    Mick Cornett: Accepts donations from corporations doing city business.
    Mike Workman: Don't reduce corporate tax; do prosecute Wall Street crimes.
    T.W. Shannon: Worker's compensation reform saved businesses $100M/year.
    Abby Broyles: Reduce sentences for low-level drug crimes.
    Chris Powell: Stricter punishment doesn't reduce crime.
    Connie Johnson: Aggressive sentencing reform, and abolish death penalty.
    Drew Edmondson: Remove profit motive from the prison system.
    Frank Keating: Target violent and career criminals.
    Gary Richardson: Opposed to private prisons; focus on justice, not jail.
    Gary Richardson: Alternatives cost less than imprisonment.
    Jim Bridenstine: Swift capital punishment saves lives.
    Joan Farr: Overhaul legal system, stop innocents from being jailed.
    Joe Dorman: Death penalty for repeat sex offenders, but not if retarded.
    Joe Maldonado: Stricter punishment doesn't reduce crime.
    Joy Hofmeister: Suspend death penalty until it be properly carried out.
    Kendra Horn: Don't defund the police, ban chokeholds and racial profiling.
    Kevin Stitt: Keep violent offenders behind bars, with fair sentencing.
    Kevin Stitt: Make it easier for ex-cons to go to work.
    Kevin Stitt: Oklahoma is a proud law and order state, we back the police.
    Mary Fallin: Murder is about video games & broken families, not guns.
    Mary Fallin: Be as "smart on crime" as we are "tough on crime".
    Mary Fallin: Supports death penalty even after botched lethal injection.
    Mary Fallin: 2011: OK to experiment with drugs used in lethal injection.
    Mary Fallin: No life sentences for juveniles.
    Matt Silverstein: Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.
    Mick Cornett: If prison recidivism rates get reduced so will incarceration.
    Mike Workman: Supports the death penalty, but only for horrific crimes.
    Nathan Dahm: Jan. 6 insurrection arrestees are political prisoners.
    Neil Gorsuch: Jurors have ability to impartially apply death penalty.
    Joy Hofmeister: FactCheck: Yes, OK has higher crime rate than NY and CA.
    Kevin Stitt: FactCheck: OK has higher violent crime rate than NY and CA.
    Abby Broyles: Decriminalize marijuana, introduce federal regulation.
    Brad Henry: Invest in drug courts: put low-risk offenders on better path.
    Chris Powell: Marijuana isn't a gateway drug.
    Connie Johnson: Advocate for decriminalized and medical marijuana.
    Connie Johnson: Fund programs to combat opioid epidemic.
    Connie Johnson: Ending the war on drugs would improve criminal justice.
    Connie Johnson: Strong proponent of legalizing medical marijuana.
    Drew Edmondson: Backs new drug law making possession of drugs a misdeameanor.
    Ervin Yen: Opposes medical marijuana without qualifying conditions.
    Frank Keating: Supports community sentencing in drug courts.
    Gary Richardson: If people vote to legalize medical marijuana, I'll honor it.
    Joe Dorman: No stance on marijuana legalization nor medical marijuana.
    Joe Dorman: Legalize marijuana, based on Genesis 1:29.
    Joe Maldonado: Marijuana isn't a gateway drug.
    Kendra Horn: Decriminalize marijuana; let states chart their own course.
    Kevin Stine: Find regulations for marijuana, not just bans.
    Kevin Stitt: Supports legalizing medical marijuana if strictly medicinal.
    Kevin Stitt: Help non-violent offenders: identify roots of addiction.
    Kevin Stitt: Vetoed expansion of state medical marijuana program.
    Kevin Stitt: Voters for medical marijuana were sold a bill of goods.
    Madison Horn: Treat marijuana as personal choice not criminal problem.
    Mary Fallin: Women in Recovery: abuse programs avoid incarceration.
    Mary Fallin: Prevent prescription drug abuse from occurring.
    Mary Fallin: Legal marijuana provides no substantial benefit.
    Nathan Dahm: Opposed expansion of state medical marijuana program.
    Scott Pruitt: Thought EPA logo looked like marijuana leaf; wanted change.
    Stephanie Bice: Supports expansion of state medical marijuana program.
    T.W. Shannon: $4 million to establish unit to go after illegal pot growers.
    Abby Broyles: Federal funding improves education.
    Brad Henry: Don't siphon resources from our classrooms.
    Chris Powell: Strongly oppose vouchers for school choice.
    Connie Johnson: Support public education, not vouchers.
    Drew Edmondson: The future depends on investing in education and kids.
    Drew Edmondson: $300M more for education and healthcare systems.
    Frank Keating: More funding for schools and colleges.
    Frank Keating: Supported largest teacher pay raise in state history.
    Frank Keating: $80M in block grants to schools.
    Gary Richardson: A child's zip code shouldn't determine quality of education.
    James Inhofe: Oppose nationwide Common Core standards.
    James Lankford: God gives parents responsibility to equip children for life.
    Jim Bridenstine: No federal standards; local control & spending.
    Joan Farr: In favor of prayer and spanking being put back in schools.
    Joe Dorman: I will continue to be a champion for public education.
    Joe Dorman: Let students express religious viewpoints in schools.
    Joe Maldonado: No vouchers for school choice.
    Joy Hofmeister: My focus will be on education, particularly public schools.
    Kendra Horn: Participated in teacher walkout protesting Oklahoma cuts.
    Kendra Horn: Remove student loans from credit histories.
    Kendra Horn: Invest in programs like Head Start, Early Head Start.
    Kendra Horn: 2018 campaign: emphasized her support for public schools.
    Kevin Stitt: Schools are bloated with administration & too many districts.
    Kevin Stitt: Give priority to funding schools; pay teachers more.
    Kevin Stitt: Invest in recruiting & keeping teachers.
    Kevin Stitt: Prepare students for jobs with career tech.
    Kevin Stitt: Change school funding formula to current enrollment.
    Madison Horn: Expand early childhood education and ensure quality K-12.
    Mary Fallin: Build schools with tornado safe rooms.
    Matt Silverstein: Sufficiently fund public education, with national standards.
    Mick Cornett: Says teachers deserve raises that equal the regional average.
    Mike Workman: Support all public education; fight all vouchers.
    Nathan Dahm: Don't single out homeschool, non-accredited school students.
    Nathan Dahm: Education dollars should fund students not systems.
    Scott Inman: Let students express religious viewpoints in schools.
    T.W. Shannon: Vouchers are the answer to fixing government-run schools.
    T.W. Shannon: School boards are trying to kick parents out of classrooms.
    Tom Coburn: Schools are bloated with administration & too many districts.
    Winona LaDuke: Supports increased funding for tribal colleges.
    Joy Hofmeister: Vouchers are "rural schools killers" that pull funding.
    Kevin Stitt: Fund students not systems, including vouchers.
    Madison Horn: Expand early childhood education and raise pay for teachers.
Energy & Oil
    Josh Breechen: Tax credit for converting motor vehicles to clean fuel.
    Abby Broyles: Reverse climate change while protecting jobs & way of life.
    Andrew Rice: Opposes a windfall-profits tax.
    Brad Henry: Streamline permitting process for new oil refineries.
    Chris Powell: All energy production should treated equally before the law.
    Connie Johnson: Streamline permitting process for new oil refineries.
    Drew Edmondson: Applauds oil and gas reps for backing up restoring GPT to 7%.
    James Inhofe: No subsidies for wind and solar.
    James Lankford: Promise of green energy is for the distant future.
    Jim Bridenstine: No credible evidence that CO2 affects global climate.
    Joan Farr: Climate change is real, but we can only do so much.
    Joan Farr: Don't spend exorbitant amounts to stop climate change.
    Joe Dorman: Streamline permitting process for new oil refineries.
    Joe Maldonado: Freer market will allow energy that is greener.
    Joy Hofmeister: Support Oklahoma business, including oil and gas industry.
    Kendra Horn: Against Green New Deal; include oil and gas in energy policy.
    Kevin Stitt: Protect oil and gas industry from radical liberals.
    Madison Horn: Invest in clean sources of energy to diversify our supply.
    Mary Fallin: 20% reduction in energy use among state agencies by 2020.
    Matt Silverstein: Lead on new energy as well as old, including in-state coal.
    Mick Cornett: Recognizes energy's role in workforce, sees future in wind.
    Mick Cornett: Move away from the oil and gas industry.
    Mike Workman: Support alternative energy to fight climate change.
    Nathan Dahm: Tax credit for converting motor vehicles to clean fuel.
    Nathan Dahm: End tax credits for wind energy companies.
    Scott Pruitt: Staunch advocate for continued use of fossil fuels.
    Scott Pruitt: Streamline permitting process for new oil refineries.
    T.W. Shannon: Tax credit for converting motor vehicles to clean fuel.
    T.W. Shannon: Climate change a hoax to put oil and gas out of business.
    Joy Hofmeister: Work with oil & gas industry to craft policies suited to OK.
    Kevin Stitt: EPA is weaponized to restrict drilling on federal lands.
    Chris Powell: Fight EPA regulatory over-reach.
    Drew Edmondson: As AG, created the Environmental Protection Unit.
    Frank Keating: Regulate our precious environment because we love Oklahoma.
    James Lankford: Rural restrictions shows arrogance from city dwellers.
    Joe Maldonado: Fight EPA regulatory over-reach.
    Kevin Stine: Eminent domain abused when it benefits private company.
    Mary Fallin: Oklahoma Strong: Rebuild after devastating tornadoes.
    Mick Cornett: Great value in the EPA's "brownfields" cleaning up program.
    Mike Workman: Preserve and protect national parks.
    Mike Workman: Increase the number of inspectors for asbestos.
    Scott Pruitt: As state AG sued to block Obama's Clean Power Plan.
    T.W. Shannon: Farmers, ranchers don't need EPA to tell them what to do.
Families & Children
    Josh Breechen: Allow religious discrimination by child welfare agencies.
    Brad Henry: Family anchors us and reminds us of what is truly important.
    Ervin Yen: Has pressed for increasing vaccinations of school children.
    Ervin Yen: Allow religious discrimination by child welfare agencies.
    Kevin Stitt: Vaccination should be between a parent & their pediatrician.
    Kevin Stitt: We know God gave kids to parents--not the government!
    Mary Fallin: Disallow adoptions in LGBT homes.
    Mary Fallin: Allow religious discrimination by child welfare agencies.
    Nathan Dahm: Allow religious discrimination by child welfare agencies.
    Scott Inman: Against religious discrimination by child welfare agencies.
    T.W. Shannon: Use TANF funds to publicize benefits of marriage.
Foreign Policy
    Chris Powell: Neutral on American Exceptionalism.
    James Inhofe: $187K Congress-paid travel to Africa for "a Jesus thing".
    Joe Maldonado: Libertarian way instead of American Exceptionalism.
    Kevin Stitt: Oklahoma should not support anti-Israel boycott.
    Mike Workman: Use U.N. peacekeeping forces; don't spy on our allies.
    Nathan Dahm: Oklahoma should not support anti-Israel boycott.
    Nathan Dahm: Support an America First foreign policy.
    Stephanie Bice: Oklahoma should not support anti-Israel boycott.
    T.W. Shannon: Prohibit UN Agenda 21 from infringing on property rights.
    Markwayne Mullin: Supports billions to Ukraine for arms and humanitarian aid.
Free Trade
    Abby Broyles: Trade war with China disastrous for farmers.
    Chris Powell: Support free trade.
    James Lankford: Yes to trade adjustment; Yes to fast-track.
    James Lankford: Opposed bipartisan China competition bill as unfocused.
    Joe Maldonado: Support and expand free trade.
    Kendra Horn: Called for a vote on Trump trade deal, joining Republicans.
    Kevin Stine: International trade deals have cost U.S. jobs.
    Madison Horn: Increase international technological collaboration.
    Mike Workman: Better worker protections in trade agreements.
    Nathan Dahm: Promotes economic, cultural ties between Oklahoma, Romania.
Government Reform
    Abby Broyles: Justice Dept. breaking public trust in stock investigation.
    Andrew Rice: Most donations from individuals; most of Inhofe’s from PACs.
    Brad Henry: Extend early voting to a full week prior to Election Day.
    Chris Powell: No opinion on making voter registration easier.
    Chris Powell: Supports on-line voting & term limits.
    Chris Powell: No campaign donation limits, and no disclosure.
    Drew Edmondson: Blames revenue shortfall on corporate donors and lobbyists.
    Drew Edmondson: Advocate of open transparency; the public has right to know.
    Frank Keating: Attract people to Oklahoma to regain Congressional seat.
    Gary Jones: Increased audits despite budget cuts.
    James Inhofe: Photo ID for voting.
    James Lankford: Extend indefinitely pledge against earmarks.
    James Lankford: Introduced Prevent Government Shutdowns Act.
    James Lankford: For the People Act makes voting easy, cheating easy.
    Joan Farr: Mail-in ballots were used to keep Trump out of office.
    Joe Maldonado: Make elections and voting fair.
    Jim Bridenstine: First Amendment includes campaign spending.
    Joan Farr: Pass Christian laws, don't pass laws favoring the minority.
    Joan Farr: January 6th investigation is a witch hunt; Trump won.
    Joan Farr: Term limits for Senate and House.
    Joan Farr: Signed U.S. Term Limits pledge.
    Joe Dorman: Require photo ID to vote, but extend early voting.
    Joe Dorman: No campaign contributions to legislators while in session.
    Kendra Horn: Voted FOR first Trump impeachment.
    Kevin Stitt: Step Up Oklahoma: Fix broken government; level playing field.
    Kevin Stitt: Reclaim executive powers: more accountable than agencies.
    Kevin Stitt: Set aside more of the budget surplus.
    Kevin Stitt: Add photo ID & notarization requirement for absentee voting.
    Kevin Stitt: Government's job is to get out of the way & cut red tape.
    Madison Horn: Legalize a secure pathway for same-day voter registration.
    Matt Silverstein: Not a dime from any lobbyists in campaign donations.
    Matt Silverstein: Inhofe says he's for term limits, but was in for 26 years.
    Mike Workman: Supports automatic voter registration.
    Nathan Dahm: Add photo ID & notarization requirement for absentee voting.
    Nathan Dahm: Serious doubts about the integrity of the 2020 election.
    Nathan Dahm: Absentee ballots only for those physically unable to go.
    Rick Weiland: Voluntarily limit campaign contributions to maximum of $100.
    Scott Inman: Require photo ID to vote, but extend early voting.
    Scott Inman: No campaign contributions to legislators while in session.
    Stephanie Bice: Add photo ID & notarization requirement for absentee voting.
    T.W. Shannon: Require photo ID in order to vote.
    T.W. Shannon: Voters have a lot of concerns over election security.
    Winona LaDuke: Supports increased party choices for voters.
Gun Control
    Josh Breechen: Allow armed stand-your-ground in churches.
    Abby Broyles: Supports universal background checks; against confiscation.
    Chris Powell: Absolute right to gun ownership.
    Drew Edmondson: Long history of being an advocate of the Second Amendment.
    Ervin Yen: Opposed permitless carry bill.
    Ervin Yen: Allow armed stand-your-ground in churches.
    Gary Richardson: Completely supportive of the Second Amendment.
    James Inhofe: Opposes more gun restrictions.
    James Lankford: Uphold Constitution and our Second Amendment rights.
    Joan Farr: Supports 2nd amendment, especially with the pandemic.
    Joe Maldonado: Absolute right to gun ownership.
    Joe Dorman: Ok for school employees to carry handguns in school.
    Joe Dorman: Co-sponsored "Stand Your Ground Law".
    Joy Hofmeister: I'm an Oklahoman; I have a conceal and carry permit.
    Kevin Stitt: NRA member who will fight for 2nd Amendment rights.
    Mary Fallin: Veto constitutional carry: No handguns without a permit.
    Mary Fallin: Allow armed stand-your-ground in churches.
    Matt Silverstein: Support the 2nd amendment's right-to-bear arms.
    Mick Cornett: Supports 2nd Amendment; enforce laws already on the books.
    Mike Workman: Favors common sense gun laws.
    Nathan Dahm: Allow armed stand-your-ground in churches.
    Nathan Dahm: 2nd Amendment among most important in Constitution.
    Scott Inman: Don't allow armed stand-your-ground in churches.
    Stephanie Bice: Allow armed stand-your-ground in churches.
    T.W. Shannon: Right to keep and bear arms, without restrictions.
    Markwayne Mullin: No wiggle room: support assault rifle ownership.
    T.W. Shannon: Most gun violence happens in Democrat-controlled cities.
    T.W. Shannon: FactCheck: gun violence rate higher in GOP-controlled states.
Health Care
    Josh Breechen: Impose work requirements to receive Medicaid.
    Abby Broyles: Expand Medicaid, support rural access to health care.
    Abby Broyles: Failure to cover pre-existing conditions is downright cruel.
    Abby Broyles: I want to cap prescription drug costs.
    Andrew Rice: Pay doctors to proactively treat patients; end pay-per-test.
    Brad Henry: Insure Oklahoma program: coverage for many more Oklahomans.
    Brad Henry: Provide options for Medicaid including private coverage.
    Chris Powell: Oppose ObamaCare.
    Connie Johnson: Expand Medicaid.
    Connie Johnson: Get mental health department up to speed by 2020.
    Connie Johnson: Provide options for Medicaid including private coverage.
    Drew Edmondson: Reverse decision and accept Medicaid expansion funds.
    Drew Edmondson: Expand Medicaid to address the state's high uninsured rate.
    Ervin Yen: Mandate masks and mandate vaccines for coronavirus.
    Ervin Yen: COVID: Oklahoma desperately needs a mask mandate.
    Ervin Yen: Privatizing Medicaid is simply a bad idea.
    Ervin Yen: Don't impose work requirements to receive Medicaid.
    Gary Richardson: Government has a role to play in mental health care.
    James Inhofe: Repeal ObamaCare; it's not a government responsibility.
    James Lankford: Predicts that ObamaCare will destroy the health-care system.
    Joan Farr: Lawsuits would end pandemic; it's about population control.
    Joe Maldonado: Expand ObamaCare.
    Joan Farr: Forced vaccines are a violation of your rights.
    Joe Dorman: Drop the partisan games & Invest in rural telemedicine.
    Joe Dorman: Provide options for Medicaid including private coverage.
    Joy Hofmeister: COVID: I'd have listened to experts instead of changing them.
    Joy Hofmeister: Supported Medicaid expansion under Obamacare.
    Kendra Horn: COVID: we have to listen to advice of public health experts.
    Kendra Horn: Healthcare is a right; build on present system.
    Kevin Stine: Oppose semi-privatization of Medicare.
    Kevin Stitt: Make Medicaid a trampoline, not a hammock.
    Kevin Stitt: Governor should have more control on Medicaid.
    Kevin Stitt: Use managed care to operate Medicaid expansion.
    Madison Horn: Expand Medicare/Medicaid to include other social programs.
    Madison Horn: Tackle challenges facing rural communities access to health.
    Mary Fallin: Certified Healthy program; & website for health insurer info.
    Mary Fallin: Impose work requirements to receive Medicaid.
    Matt Silverstein: Don't re-open the Medicare prescription drug "donut hole".
    Mick Cornett: Wants personal responsibility part of a healthcare approach.
    Mike Workman: Supports ObamaCare & suffered from pre-existing condition.
    Nathan Dahm: Impose work requirements to receive Medicaid.
    Nathan Dahm: Allow over the counter sale of unproven COVID remedies.
    Nathan Dahm: Prohibit gender reassignment medical treatment for minors.
    Nathan Dahm: Health care is not a right; it is an enterprise.
    Scott Inman: Don't impose work requirements to receive Medicaid.
    Scott Pruitt: Provide options for Medicaid including private coverage.
    Stephanie Bice: Impose work requirements to receive Medicaid.
    T.W. Shannon: ObamaCare puts our freedom at risk.
    T.W. Shannon: Wanted old VA hospital converted to mental health facility.
    Kendra Horn: Mask mandates effectively decrease COVID risk.
    Stephanie Bice: No COVID mask mandates, statewide or nationwide.
Homeland Security
    Abby Broyles: Invest in service members, fully fund military bases.
    Andrew Rice: Divest from terrorist states like we divested for apartheid.
    Chris Powell: Don't expand the military.
    Drew Edmondson: Services for veterans instead of for corporate donors.
    James Inhofe: Maintain a superior nuclear arsenal.
    James Lankford: National security government's number one priority.
    Joe Maldonado: Don't expand the military.
    Jim Bridenstine: Smart defense reductions; don't jeopardize national security.
    Kendra Horn: In Congress served on the House Armed Services Committee.
    Kevin Stine: Tighten up defense spending; end use-it-or-lose-it mentality.
    Madison Horn: Help veterans receive higher education, skills training.
    Markwayne Mullin: Nation must honor its commitments to veterans.
    Markwayne Mullin: Let military do their jobs with every tool available.
    Matt Silverstein: Support the strongest, most dominant military in the world.
    Mick Cornett: Praises nonprofits efforts finding housing for homeless vets.
    Nathan Dahm: Revitalize Oklahoma militia to protect its citizens.
    T.W. Shannon: Fight socialism; rebuild our military; stand up to China.
    Andrew Rice: Opposes Mexico Totalization Agreement & benefits to illegals.
    Chris Powell: Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.
    Drew Edmondson: Don't back federal government deporting DREAMers.
    James Inhofe: Protect the borders; prevent illegal entry.
    Joe Maldonado: Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.
    Jim Bridenstine: Secure the borders to stop movement of narcotics and slaves.
    Joe Carr: Refugees cost millions in school & medical costs.
    Joe Dorman: Constitutional amendment for English as official language.
    Joe Dorman: Criminalize assisting or employing illegal aliens.
    Kendra Horn: Favors a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients.
    Kevin Stitt: Supports border protection; opposes sanctuary cities.
    Luke Holland: Build the wall, ensure resources for border agents.
    Madison Horn: Protect DREAMers who came to the U.S. as children.
    Matt Silverstein: Opposes housing refugee immigrants in military facilities.
    Mick Cornett: Says the term "sanctuary cities" is a manipulative label.
    Mike Workman: Comprehensive immigration reform plus path to citizenship.
    Nathan Dahm: Secure our borders; stop Critical Race Theory.
    Nathan Dahm: No citizenship for "illegal alien anchor babies".
    Scott Inman: Constitutional amendment for English as official language.
    Abby Broyles: For Paycheck Fairness Act letting workers discuss salaries.
    Chris Powell: Strongly oppose affirmative action.
    Connie Johnson: Higher minimum wage plus business incubators.
    Frank Keating: Reform worker's comp: administrative instead of court-based.
    Joe Maldonado: Oppose affirmative action.
    Joe Dorman: Minimum wage affects older workers, not just young singles.
    Kevin Stitt: Reduce barriers on occupations; increase worker freedom.
    Kevin Stitt: Protect teachers' paychecks from union bosses.
    Madison Horn: Became an advocate for diversifying the cybersecurity field.
    Madison Horn: Support providing livable wages to hard working Americans.
    Mary Fallin: 62,400 new jobs in our state; unemployment at 5.1%.
    Mary Fallin: Excessive worker's compensation is a barrier to growth.
    Mary Fallin: Prohibit cities from increasing the minimum wage.
    Mick Cornett: History of creating jobs and bringing in new industry.
    Mike Workman: Raise minimum wage to $10.10 now & $15 later.
    Mike Workman: Livable wage for all state employees.
    Tom Coburn: Reduce barriers on occupations; increase worker freedom.
Principles & Values
    Abby Broyles: At heart a journalist, but had to get off the sidelines.
    Abby Broyles: AdWatch: Incumbent Inhofe misses votes; not up for the job.
    Andrew Rice: I pride myself on doing right, even if politically unpopular.
    Chris Powell: Protect freedom to not have religiosity forced upon.
    Brad Carson: Coburn is a strong Christian man, a good family man.
    Drew Edmondson: Condemned with IFFY award for running "Issue-Free" campaign.
    Ervin Yen: Reason for running: state's lack of response to COVID.
    Ervin Yen: I have not changed; the Republican Party has.
    Gary Richardson: Freedom to work & worship free of government interference.
    Gary Richardson: Got 14% of the vote as Independent in 2002 Governor's race.
    James Inhofe: Flying is his passion, but lost his son in plane accident.
    James Inhofe: Judeo-Christian values established our government framework.
    James Inhofe: AdWatch: Keep Socialist wolves far from Oklahoma's borders.
    James Lankford: A conservative committed to God, Family and the Constitution.
    James Lankford: The hope of the earth is not government, but God.
    Joe Maldonado: Keep God in the public sphere.
    Joan Farr: Enough lawyers in Congress; she's a regular person.
    Joan Farr: Bible should trump any of our laws.
    Joan Farr: If Jesus was alive he wouldn't be a member of either party.
    Joy Hofmeister: Lifelong Republican became Democrat to challenge incumbent.
    Joy Hofmeister: Throughout my life, I've valued hard work and perseverance.
    Joy Hofmeister: Tried to bar religious discrimination in scholarship program.
    Kendra Horn: I fundamentally believe in public service.
    Kendra Horn: Most are a little left of center, a little right of center.
    Kendra Horn: My faith has always been something more personal to me.
    Kendra Horn: Voted to condemn Trump's racist tweets at minority members.
    Kevin Stitt: Americans are moving to states that value freedom.
    Luke Holland: America is the greatest country on earth.
    Madison Horn: A tribal citizen of the sovereign Cherokee Nation.
    Madison Horn: Counter partisan extremism; seek bipartisan solutions.
    Mick Cornett: God and church are main components of his value system.
    Nathan Dahm: We need Proven Republican Fighters, like Trump.
    Nathan Dahm: Require reading of historic Thanksgiving proclamations.
    Nathan Dahm: Filed resolution declaring 2020 "Year of the Bible".
    Nathan Dahm: Proposed renaming part of Route 66 "Trump Highway".
    Nathan Dahm: Switched from challenging incumbent to running for open seat.
    Scott Pruitt: Resigned from EPA in 2018 amid several ethics scandals.
    Scott Pruitt: A Christian worldview means God has answers to our problems.
    Scott Pruitt: Fought removing 10 Commandments display from state Capitol.
    T.W. Shannon: People stormed the Capitol because of rigged election.
    T.W. Shannon: Rights are endowed by God, not by politicians.
    T.W. Shannon: Will remain as Speaker during Senate primary.
    T.W. Shannon: Recovering attorney with JD from Oklahoma City University.
    T.W. Shannon: AdWatch: I'm guided by my faith; let's renew our values.
    T.W. Shannon: The radical left hates America; I love this country.
    T.W. Shannon: Started as staff assistant, became Inhofe's chief of staff.
    T.W. Shannon: Single because the Lord hasn't provided the right woman yet.
    Tom Coburn: Carson is very bright, intellectually smart and advanced.
    Tom Coburn: Authored Oklahoma Taxpayer Platform.
    James Lankford: Questioned 2020 election but after Jan. 6, certified Biden.
    Markwayne Mullin: Absurd to think that Biden got most votes in 2020.
Social Security
    Andrew Rice: I support Social Security Notch reform.
    Andrew Rice: I support CPI-E for COLA Fairness.
    Andrew Rice: I do not support privatization in any form.
    Chris Powell: Privatize Social Security but accommodate those in system.
    James Lankford: Social Security Disability: nest of fraud & little oversight.
    Joe Maldonado: Opportunity to opt out of Social Security.
    Jim Bridenstine: Give younger people option of personal retirement accounts.
    Joe Dorman: NO on public employee choice of contributions vs. benefits.
    Mary Fallin: 401k-style plan for OK Public Employees Retirement System.
    Matt Silverstein: Medicare & Social Security are sacred promises to seniors.
    Mike Workman: Don't transition pensions into privately managed accounts.
    Nathan Dahm: Public employee choice of contributions vs. benefits.
    Scott Inman: NO on public employee choice of contributions vs. benefits.
Tax Reform
    Josh Breechen: Don't allow ball and dice games at casinos to raise revenue.
    Chris Powell: Oppose higher taxes on the wealthy.
    Frank Keating: Government spending is not the government's money.
    Frank Keating: Lower state income tax rate from 6.75% to 3.75%.
    Frank Keating: Reduce and ultimately abolish the estate tax.
    Gary Jones: Taxes must go up but with budget cuts.
    Gary Richardson: Smaller government, less taxes, and eliminate waste.
    James Inhofe: Make the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts permanent.
    Joe Maldonado: Higher taxes on the wealthy.
    Jim Bridenstine: High taxes inhibit economic growth and job creation.
    Joe Dorman: End tax giveaways to those who really don't need a tax break.
    Joy Hofmeister: Fiscally conservative but praised tax boosting teacher pay.
    Kevin Stitt: Signed Oklahoma Taxpayer Platform.
    Kevin Stitt: Shift Oklahoma's tax structure to focus on consumption.
    Kevin Stitt: Trump tax cuts leveled playing field to compete globally.
    Kevin Stitt: We need more taxpayers; not more taxes.
    Luke Holland: Follow the Trump playbook: lower taxes; expand opportunity.
    Mary Fallin: Oklahoma Way: best place for tax dollars is family's pockets.
    Mary Fallin: Tax cuts if fiscally possible and politically possible.
    Mary Fallin: Allow ball and dice games at casinos to raise revenue.
    Nathan Dahm: Don't allow ball and dice games at casinos to raise revenue.
    Scott Inman: Don't balance the budget on the backs of the middle class.
    Scott Inman: Allow ball and dice games at casinos to raise revenue.
    Stephanie Bice: Allow ball and dice games at casinos to raise revenue.
    Tom Coburn: Shift Oklahoma's tax structure to focus on consumption.
    Brad Henry: Biotech and nanotech startups transform our lives.
    Brad Henry: EDGE Endowment: make OK into Research Capital of the Plains.
    Drew Edmondson: Use tobacco settlement to fund school technology.
    Frank Keating: Tax credits for stock options and R&D.
    Gary Richardson: Dismantle the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.
    Gary Richardson: Eliminate the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.
    Joan Farr: Lawsuits against Big Tech for denying freedom of speech.
    Joan Farr: 5G gave my family COVID, under U.N. directive Agenda 21/30.
    Joan Farr: Abolish 5G; it gave a family member COVID.
    Joe Dorman: Build storm shelters via local school district funding.
    Kevin Stitt: Repair neglected infrastructure with long term plan.
    Madison Horn: Deliver on the promise of expanding broadband access.
    Madison Horn: Hadn't joined social media because of her cybersecurity work.
    Mary Fallin: Focus on aerospace, energy, agriculture, biosciences, & STEM.
    Mick Cornett: Rebuilding roads and bridges creates jobs & grows economy.
    T.W. Shannon: Consistently opposes bond issues to pay for infrastructure.
War & Peace
    Abby Broyles: Opposed using troops to stop domestic disturbances.
    Chris Powell: Avoid foreign entanglements.
    Joe Maldonado: Avoid foreign entanglements.
    Jim Bridenstine: Don't set timetables for withdrawal from any conflict.
    Jim Bridenstine: Military force OK to prevent Iranian nukes.
Welfare & Poverty
    Andrew Rice: Our churches have engaged society to try to improve society.
    Frank Keating: Able-bodied people must stand on their own two feet.
    Joan Farr: Get Out of Debt Plan has rich paying off others debts.
    Kevin Stine: Give safe shelter & basic sanitary needs to the homeless.
    Mike Workman: Create more affirmative action programs to address poverty.
    T.W. Shannon: Require 20 hours of work activity for food stamp recipients.
    T.W. Shannon: AdWatch: Success comes from hard work, not handouts.

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