Becca Balint in VT legislative records

On Crime: Address racial disparities in criminal justice

Gov. Scott signed legislation to spotlight and advance racial justice reforms. H.308 aims to address racial disparities in the criminal and juvenile justice system.

The newly signed law creates an advisory panel charged with providing recommendations to address racial disparities in statewide criminal and juvenile justice. Further, it drives the development of a strategy to address racial disparities within state systems of education, labor and employment, access to housing and healthcare, and economic development, and requires review of the model Fair & Impartial Policing Policy.

"I am proud to sign this bill into law, taking a step forward in addressing larger systemic issues around disparate racial impact and implicit bias, and I thank those who contributed to its passage," said Gov. Scott. "While there is much more work to be done, Vermont is yet again demonstrating our commitment to working towards more equitable, fair & just practices and system reforms." [Sen. Balint voted YES].

Source: Press Release on Vermont voting record on H.308 May 31, 2017

On Abortion: Recognize the fundamental right of reproductive choice

Bill H.57 would "recognize as a fundamental right the freedom of reproductive choice" and "prohibit public entities from interfering with or restricting the right of an individual to terminate the individual's pregnancy." Gov. Scott's communications director said that he will not veto it. "The Governor is and has been pro-choice and believes in a woman's right to choose, so he has ruled out vetoing the bill -- it will become law," she wrote in an email. [Senate Majority Leader Balint voted YES].
Source: coverage of Vermont legislative voting record H.57 Jul 6, 2019

On Gun Control: Seven business day waiting period for background checks

Legislative Summary: Prohibits the possession of firearms in hospital buildings; extends the default proceed period established by Federal firearms background check law so that a firearm transfer may proceed without a response from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System after 7 business days.

Legislative Outcome: Passed Senate 23-7-0 on Mar/11/22; Senate President Balint voted YES; passed House 90-42-17 on Mar/17/22; Signed by Gov. Scott on Mar/25/22.

Source: Vermont Legislature voting records Act No. 87 (S.4) Mar 11, 2022

The above quotations are from Legislative voting records for Vermont House and Senate.
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