Emilia Sykes in OH legislative records

On Gun Control: Opposes stand your ground, state preemption of local laws

HB228: To modify the law governing state preemption of local firearm regulations and related remedies, the grounds for self-defense and the burden of proof.

In support of legislation (Buckeye Firearms Association): The law contains many powerful improvements for Ohio's 4 million gun owners:

Veto Message: Restricting the rights of local governments to enact any policies concerning firearms further erodes Ohio's long-established policies that guarantee local governments substantial sovereignty under the legal principle known as "home rule."

Legislative Summary: Vetoed by Governor John Kasich on Dec/20/18; House overrides veto 67-22-0 on Dec/27/18; State Rep. Emilia Sykes voted NO; Senate overrides veto 21-11-1 on Dec/27/18.

Source: Buckeye Firearms Association on Ohio HB228 voting records Dec 27, 2018

On Abortion: Opposed abortion ban if fetal heartbeat detected

SB23: Prohibit abortion if detectable heartbeat: NPR Summary: One of the Ohio Statehouse's most notable moments this year was the passage of the controversial "Heartbeat Bill." The bill contains exceptions for the life of the woman, but no exceptions for cases of rape or incest, and institutes criminal and other penalties for doctors who violate the law.

OnTheIssues Explanation: Fetal heartbeats can be detected at about 9 to 12 weeks gestation (by stethoscope) and potentially as early as 6 to 7 weeks gestation (by transvaginal ultrasound). Both of those timeframes are prior to the 13-week cutoff for banning abortion established by the 1973 "Roe v. Wade" Supreme Court case.

Legislative Summary: Passed House 56-40-3 on Apr/10/19; State Rep. Emilia Sykes voted NO; passed Senate 18-13-2 on Apr/10/19; signed by Governor Mike DeWine on Apr/11/19.

Source: Source: WOSU 89.7 NPR News on Ohio SB23 voting records Dec 31, 2019

On Energy & Oil: Repeal bribe-based nuclear subsidies; keep solar subsidies

HB128: Revise electric utility service law; repeal portions of HB 6 of the 133rd General Assembly, limiting [subsidies] to solar resources the credit payment provisions of HB 6, and to provide refunds to retail electric customers in the state.

Summary: Ohio's Senate passed a House bill that would repeal nuclear subsidies for Energy Harbor Corp's Davis-Besse and Perry reactors. In 2019, the legislature passed HB6 to keep the money losing nuclear plants in service to preserve jobs, tax revenues and because the reactors generate energy without carbon dioxide emissions. But HB6, which would pay Energy Harbor about $1 billion over six years, became tainted after it was revealed that it passed through alleged acts of bribery. Legislative Summary: Passed Senate 33-0-0 on Mar/24/21; Passed House 89-0-10 on Mar/25/21; Minority Leader Emilia Sykes voted YES; Signed by Gov. DeWine on Mar/31/21.

Source: Reuters News on Ohio HB128 voting records Mar 25, 2021

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