Don Davis in NC legislative records

On Government Reform: Keep governor's strong non-political elections board

Legislative Summary: SB 68: Consolidate the functions of elections, campaign finance, lobbying, and ethics under one regulatory agency by creating the Bipartisan State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement.

Analysis by Election Law Society: SB 68 was created by the Republican-led General Assembly, put in place "just as a Democrat was elected governor, so as to weaken the governor's appointment powers over the elections board." Several counties are encountering problems with getting new voting machines.

Veto Message: Similar legislation to this was held unconstitutional. This legislation will undermine NC's ability to conduct fair, legal elections that maximize voter participation.

Legislative Outcome: Vetoed by Governor Roy Cooper on Apr/21/17; Veto Overridden in Senate 33-15-2, Roll Call #94 on Apr/24/17; State Sen. Don Davis voted NO; Veto Overridden in House 75-44-1, Roll Call #317 on Apr/25/17.

Source: Election Law Society on North Carolina voting record SB 68 Apr 24, 2017

On Environment: Opposed weakening environmental/health regulation

Legislative Title: SB553: Regulatory Reform Act:

Analysis by N.C. LCV: SB 553 earned modest bipartisan support after some of the most environmentally objectionable provisions regarding landfills and electronic waste recycling were removed.

Veto Message: Provisions in the legislation allowing trash receptacles in exit corridors could pose a fire safety risk for residents and emergency responders. Also, this legislation could allow septic system permits to be issued that circumvent state septic system rules which can hurt public health and threaten clean water. Both of these provisions threaten public health and safety.

Legislative Outcome: Passed House 78-31-11, Roll Call #804 on Aug/29/19; Vetoed by Governor Roy Cooper on Sep/20/19; Veto Sustained in Senate 28-21-1, Roll Call #663 on Jan/14/20; State Sen. Don Davis voted NO.

Source: WBTV-3 on North Carolina legislative voting record SB 553 Jan 14, 2020

On Crime: Second Chance Act: expunge misdemeanors & under-age crimes

Summary by Dummit-Fradin Law (6/25/20): Before, only one non-violent, non-DWI misdemeanor conviction could be expunged if at least 5 years have passed. The Second Chance Act will allow for more than one non-violent misdemeanor conviction to be expunged after 7 years, and expands the list of offenses eligible for expungements for convictions that occurred when a Defendant was under 18 years old.

Summary by NC Justice Center:Nearly 1 in 4 North Carolinians has a criminal record; this landmark piece of bipartisan legislation provides clean slate relief for thousands of people with criminal records to have their records expunged. NC's "revolving door" criminal justice system has devastated communities around the state, and disproportionately impacts Black communities and other people of color.

Legislative Outcome: Passed House 119-0-1 on Jun/10/20; passed Senate 47-0-3 on Jun/16/20; State Sen. Don Davis voted YES; signed by Gov. Cooper on Jun/25/20.

Source: NC Justice Center on North Carolina voting records S561 Jun 16, 2020

On Crime: Shield police death investigation records from public

Legislative Summary: SB 168: An act making technical, conforming, and other modifications to laws pertaining to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Veto Message: SB 168 includes a provision to change the handling of public records by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner which could have the unintended consequence of limiting transparency in death investigations.

Analysis by WBTV-3: Cooper vetoed Senate Bill 168 which closed a loophole that makes law enforcement records public if they are in the possession of the medical examiner. Protesters have expressed concerns that limiting public access to the death records could hide actions that happen in police custody. Some have said the lack of transparency would only serve to increase police distrust.

Legislative Outcome: Passed Senate 43-0-7, Roll Call #877 on Jun/26/20; State Sen. Don Davis voted YES; Passed House 109-1-0 on Jun/25/20; Vetoed by Gov. Cooper on Jul/6/20.

Source: WBTV-3 on North Carolina legislative voting record SB 168 Jun 26, 2020

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