Jared Moskowitz in FL legislative records

On Abortion: Oppose 24 hour waiting period for abortion

Summary by The Florida Times-Union (6/10/15): Gov. Scott signed a measure that will require a 24-hour waiting period before women can have abortions. "This bill gives women an opportunity to reflect on a major decision that will have lifelong effects, not just physically but mentally as well," said the Senate sponsor. The bill adds to an already-existing law that requires physicians performing abortions to provide information to women to obtain their consent. The information must be provided in person to the women at least 24 hours before the procedures are performed. The bill includes exceptions for victims of rape, incest, domestic violence or human trafficking-but those victims can waive the 24-hour wait only if they can produce police reports, restraining orders, or other documentation.

Legislative Outcome: Passed House 77-41-2 on Apr/22/15; State Rep. Jared Moskowitz voted NO; passed Senate 26-13-1 on Apr/24/15; signed by Gov. Scott on Jun/10/15.

Source: Florida Times-Union on legislative voting record HB633 Apr 22, 2015

On Civil Rights: Oppose "Pastor Protection Act" on gay marriage

Summary by Florida Politics (3/2/16): The Florida House voted to approve a bill that allows members of the clergy to refuse to perform gay marriages. "This bill is about discriminating in the name of religion, sadly," said Rep. David Richardson, the only openly gay member of the Florida House. "It is an insult to the gay community." The proposal protects clergy, churches and religious organizations and their employees from civil action for refusing to perform gay marriages. "We respect the Supreme Court, but we also respect our citizensí rights to exercise (their First Amendment rights)," said one sponsor. Many ministers from older, mainline religious organizations opposed the bill; while smaller evangelical groups came out in support of it.

Legislative Outcome: Passed House 82-37-1 on Mar/2/16; State Rep. Jared Moskowitz voted NO; passed Senate 23-15-2 on Mar/3/16; signed by Governor Rick Scott on Mar/10/16.

Source: FloridaPolitics.com on legislative voting record HB43 Mar 2, 2016

On Gun Control: Voted YES on new gun control after high school shooting

Legislative Summary: SB7026: The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act: To comprehensively address the crisis of gun violence, including gun violence on school campuses. SB7026 temporarily restricts firearm possession by a person undergoing a mental health crisis and when there is a threat of violence.

NRA-ILA opposition:

    The Florida Senate will take up SB-7026, a bill that punishes gun owners, which includes:
  1. Makes it a felony for any person under 21 to purchase any firearm either privately or from a dealer.
  2. Minimum 3-Day Waiting Period on ALL FIREARMS.
  3. Every year it confiscates 10% of the license fees paid by CW license holders to pay for the care of victims of mass shootings.
Bans the sale and transfer of Bump Stocks.

Legislative Outcome: Passed Senate 20-18-0 on Mar/5/18; Passed House 67-50-3 on Mar/7/18; State Rep. Jared Moskowitz voted YES; Signed by Governor Rick Scott on Mar/9/18

Source: NRA-ILA on Florida legislative voting record SB7026 Mar 7, 2018

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