Kevin Kiley in CA legislative records

On Gun Control: Don't lift statutory cap on concealed carry license fee

Summary from California Rifle & Pistol Association: AB1297 removes the statutory cap on this fee for a concealed carry license, and instead requires local licensing authorities to charge a fee "equal to the reasonable costs for processing the application for a new license, issuing the license, and enforcing the license."

Legislative Outcome: Passed Assembly 48-21-11 on May/13/19; Rep. Kiley voted NO; passed Senate 27-12-1 on Sept/9/19; Signed by Gov. Newsom on Oct/11/19.

Source: CRPA on California Legislative voting record AB1297 May 13, 2019

On Crime: Cut administrative fees on people in criminal justice system

Legislative Summary: AB1869: Ends the harmful and costly collection of 23 administrative fees imposed against people in the criminal system. By eliminating these fees, California will dramatically reduce the suffering caused by court- ordered debt and enhance the economic security and wellness of populations with system involvement.

Legislative Outcome: Passed Assembly 59-17-3 on 8/31; Rep. Kiley voted YES; passed Senate 30-7-3 on 8/31; Signed by Gov. Newsom on 9/18/20

Source: California Legislative voting record AB1869 Aug 31, 2020

On Abortion: Keep law requiring coroners to investigate stillbirths

Summary by Cal Matters (9/27/22): Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a package of 12 bills, establishing some of the strongest abortion protections in the nation. Collectively, the new laws aim at improving access, ensuring providers and patients cannot be sued or prosecuted, and funding procedures and travel costs for low-income individuals. The most contentious measure abolishes the requirement that coroners investigate stillbirths & prohibits the prosecution of anyone who ends their pregnancy even if the abortion is self-induced or happens outside of the medical system. Protesters & conservative lawmakers claimed the legislation would legalize infanticide, which the sponsor has characterized as "disinformation," adding that Californians will no longer have to fear having their "pregnancy policed by state systems."

Legislative Outcome: Passed Senate 30-9-1 on Aug/29/22; passed Assembly 54-19-7 on Aug/30/22; State Rep. Kevin Kiley voted NO; Signed by Gov. Newsom on Sep/27/22.

Source: California State Legislature voting records AB2223 Aug 30, 2022

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