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Mike Workman: Comprehensive immigration reform plus path to citizenship

Workman's campaign issues are all in the right place: he's for income equality, a $15 minimum wage, expanding the Affordable Care Act with the goal of eventual universal coverage, comprehensive immigration reform including a path to citizenship, and automatic voter registration. He's unapologetically pro-choice and in favor of common sense gun laws, although in Oklahoma he might get farther by advocating the sale of assault rifles to fetuses.
Source: on 2016 Oklahoma Senate race Jun 26, 2016

James Inhofe: Protect the borders; prevent illegal entry

Question topic: Government should enforce laws designed to protect the border and to prevent illegal entry of persons into the country.

Inhofe: Strongly Agree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Oklahoma Senate race Sep 30, 2014

Matt Silverstein: Opposes housing refugee immigrants in military facilities

Today Senator Jim Inhofe was forced to face his flip-flop on immigration when questioned about his 2008 vote to house immigrants in military facilities. Recently, Inhofe has sharpened his attacks on the practice of using U.S. military installations to house immigrant children who are fleeing violence and exploitation. Only today was he forced to come clean that he had indeed voted for the law that put them in those military facilities.

Contrary to his previous position, Inhofe now purports to see a host of ills stemming from the protection of these compromised children. "Senator Inhofe was part of the problem that created this situation in the first place, and now he is running and hiding from his own vote as a U.S. Senator," said Matt Silverstein, Democratic Nominee for U.S. Senate. "What Senator Inhofe is failing to tell voters is that the law he voted for is the real cause of this border crisis."

Source: 2014 Oklahoma Senate campaign website, Jul 22, 2014

Joe Carr: Refugees cost millions in school & medical costs

Joe Carr has been arguing that Tennessee's refugee population is bad for the state because they cost us money. So, they commissioned a study. The estimates show Tennessee taxpayers spent $40 million last year to educate school-age refugees and $26 million to cover those on TennCare. But refugees remit more than $103 million in taxes.

That sure sounds like refugees add a lot to our state. But Carr is now dismissing the study, saying, "We don't know if it's flawed." Apparently one of the flaws is that the study doesn't take into account how many immigrants might be in prison.

Well, it costs roughly $25,000 a year to house a prisoner. We also know that there are roughly 21,000 inmates in our prisons--0.3% of the population. Even if 1% of all refugees were incarcerated--more than triple that rate--that would cost Tennessee $14 million. Even if we take out the money for our hypothetical prisoners, refugees in general are still making a huge positive economic contribution to the state.

Source: Nashville Scene on 2014 Oklahoma Senate debate Nov 14, 2013

Jim Bridenstine: Secure the borders to stop movement of narcotics and slaves

Q: Do you support allowing illegal immigrants, who were brought to the US as minors, to pursue citizenship without returning to their country of origin?

A: No.

Q: Do you support the enforcement of federal immigration law by state and local police?

A: Yes. The laws of the US must be enforced unless they are changed by legislative process. We must secure the borders of the United States so that illegal movement of persons, narcotics, slaves and weapons across the border is stopped.

Source: Oklahoma Congressional 2012 Political Courage Test Oct 30, 2012

Joe Dorman: Constitutional amendment for English as official language

Dorman voted YEA on HJR 1042, English as Official State Language, Joint Resolution Passed House (66-32).
Source: Vote Smart's Synopsis of Oklahoma Legislative voting records Mar 11, 2009

Scott Inman: Constitutional amendment for English as official language

Inman voted YEA on HJR 1042, English as Official State Language, Joint Resolution Passed House (66-32).
Source: Vote Smart's Synopsis of Oklahoma Legislative voting records Mar 11, 2009

Andrew Rice: Opposes Mexico Totalization Agreement & benefits to illegals

Q: If the President signs the final Executive Totalization Social Security Agreement with Mexico it could lead to Social Security benefits going to individuals who worked in the U.S. while illegal. Do you support the Totalization Agreement?

A: Yes, I would oppose the President signing this agreement.

Source: Senior Citizens League Guide to 2008 Oklahoma Senate Debate Oct 10, 2008

Joe Dorman: Criminalize assisting or employing illegal aliens

Dorman voted YEA on HJR 1042, SCS HB 1804, Immigration Reform, Bill Passed House (84-14).
Source: Vote Smart's Synopsis of Oklahoma Legislative voting records May 1, 2007

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