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Brett Lindstrom: Guest worker program to bring workers to the state

While the state's unemployment rate of 1.9% sounds good, Lindstrom is concerned that it's too low and could be detrimental to the economy.

He said the state's agricultural industry has stepped up in creating employment opportunities in the state, but the big question is how to fill the jobs needed to grow the economy.

Lindstrom, an Omaha-area state senator, said there are more than 50,000 unfilled jobs in the state. He suggested a guest worker program for people who want to live and work in the United States, along with other ways to bring workers to the state.

Theresa Thibodeau said state funds should not be used to "help any immigrants that have come to our state illegally. Illegal immigration is bringing in crime, and it's an issue and it's hurting our public safety."

Source: Grand Island Independent on 2022 Nebraska Governor debate Dec 6, 2021

Peter Ricketts: We've been cutting red tape to keep Nebraskans working

Throughout the pandemic, we've been cutting red tape to keep Nebraskans working. From giving licensed professionals more flexibility to allowing restaurants to offer carryout alcohol, we looked for ways to grow our healthcare workforce and help small businesses survive. The jobs being created have helped Nebraska achieve an unemployment rate that is the lowest in the nation. At 3.1%, our unemployment rate for November 2020 is only one tenth of a percent above where it stood one year ago.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to Nebraska legislature Jan 14, 2021

Peter Ricketts: Developing Youth Talent: connect 7,000 Nebraskans

I am recommending the expansion of the Developing Youth Talent Initiative to connect more middle school students to opportunities in manufacturing and IT with an additional $1.25 million annually. This program has already impacted 7,000 students, and this expansion will help reach even more. Working together to create more pathways, we can help connect more Nebraskans with the countless great opportunities available in communities statewide.
Source: 2019 State of the State address to the Nebraska legislature Jan 15, 2019

Bob Krist: Budget $25-35 million to prioritize job training

Krist wants the state to prioritize job training, he said at a press conference with officials from the Omaha Federation of Labor, which has endorsed him. Krist says he would put $25 million or even $35 million into the fund. "The state can do more through job training, workforce development, internship and apprenticeship programs to help build up our workforce to make Nebraska an even better place to live and work," Krist said.
Source: The Omaha World-Herald on 2022 Nebraska Gubernatorial race Oct 27, 2018

Bob Krist: No job discrimination by race, religion, or orientation

A proposed ban on employment discrimination based on sexual orientation/gender has hit a snag in the Nebraska Legislature. Krist voted yes originally but later said he'll try and get the committee to change its vote. He wants to expand it to include race and religion. Reacting to some remarks made by Sen. Ernie Chambers, a black atheist, following the vote. "And the things that were said about my religion, and my race cued me that maybe we need to expand this, that we're covering the bases."
Source: on 2018 Nebraska gubernatorial race Feb 11, 2015

Peter Ricketts: Grow Nebraska: create jobs by recruiting new businesses

I'm eager to work with you on four major priorities to Grow Nebraska: First, strengthening our economy and creating jobs; second, reducing taxes; third, ease regulatory burdens; and additionally, expanding educational opportunities. All of these priorities are interconnected and are reflected in my budget recommendation.

Our new Director of Economic Development will help us realize the untapped potential in our state, and we will be well-served with her track record of recruiting businesses. We want the world to know Nebraska welcomes business investment and has good jobs in great communities.

But creating jobs is more than just a marketing focus or incentives. We need to evaluate what we are doing to encourage small business to expand and grow. We need to have a plan to attract business investment as well as business relocations. We need to be strategic and aggressive about trade opportunities.

Source: State of the State address to 2015 Nebraska Legislature Jan 22, 2015

Dave Heineman: NE needs more middle-class jobs; so lower income tax rates

Nebraska's income tax rates are among the highest in America and higher than all of our neighboring states except one. Lowering Nebraska's income tax rates are essential to attracting higher paying jobs. Nebraska needs more middle-class jobs in the $60,000 to $120,000 a year category. Nebraskans don't want to leave, but to take care of their families they need good paying jobs. Small businesses need lower income tax rates to help grow their businesses and increase jobs. Nebraska does a significant amount of work to attract new businesses through the Nebraska Advantage 5 Program, but we need to do more to help existing businesses grow. The business community supports lowering income tax rates, and I agree with them.

We need higher paying jobs to reverse the decline in Nebraska's median family income. We need higher paying jobs to increase the state's population and growing jobs requires a more competitive tax environment.

Source: 2014 State of the State Address to Nebraska legislature Jan 15, 2014

Deb Fischer: More crop insurance in the new farm bill

Fischer said crop insurance should be the major program in the new farm bill that will be fashioned by Congress.

Bruning said his record as attorney general shows he has fought consistently against "the grab for power" by the federal government.

Stenberg said he would go to Washington for the purpose of "changing government, not fitting right in."

Source: Lincoln Journal Star on 2012 Nebraska Senate debates Apr 11, 2012

Scott Kleeb: Johanns left Secretary of Agriculture job & let down farmers

Kleeb accused Johanns of letting down the agriculture community when he left his job as Agriculture Secretary. “It troubles me that our number one industry is agriculture and that our farmers and ranchers didn’t even get a two weeks notice before the secretary quit on them,” Kleeb attacked.
Source: 2008 Nebraska Senate debate reported in Lincoln News Aug 24, 2008

Scott Kleeb: Fight discrimination in the workplace

Scott Kleeb recognizes the overarching importance of the American labor movement in creating the strongest middle class in history. His priorities include:
Source: Campaign booklet, Nebraska’s Brand of Change, p. 6 Aug 19, 2008

Don Stenberg: Assist our family farmers to compete globally

Agricultural policies need to assist our family farmers to compete globally. Agriculture will be a top priority for me as Nebraska’s next US Senator.
Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, Jan 18, 2006

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