State of Illinois Archives: on Government Reform

Ameya Pawar: Automatic voter registration

Voting is at the center of our civic life. Eliminating barriers that keep people from the ballot box are key to competitive elections, which ensure elected officials are responsive to the needs of their communities. That's why Ameya supports automatic voter registration, which would register virtually every adult to vote unless they decline.
Source: 2018 Illinois Gubernatorial website Sep 1, 2017

Chris Kennedy: Automatic voter registration

Kennedy believes that Illinois' government is rigged. Illinois' regressive tax system takes more money from the low-income and middle class pockets than almost any other state. The only way to fix our broken government is to make elected officials accountable to the people who put them in office. Chris supports automatic voter registration, setting term limits, and redistricting reform that ensures rural communities and communities of color are fairly represented.
Source: 2018 Illinois Gubernatorial website Sep 1, 2017

Daniel Biss: Political system favors billionaires & machine politicians

State Sen. Daniel Biss formally announced his Democratic candidacy for governor, assailing a broken system he says favors his political opponents. "We have a political system where billionaires and machine politicians are the ones who are listened to. That's the system we have to change," Biss, who has represented Evanston for six years in legislature, said in a 25-minute Facebook Live video.

"We have to build a movement of the people because the question fundamentally is, 'Who do politicians feel obligated to listen to?' In Illinois, the public has set very low expectations and we can understand why," he said.

Biss' indictment of Illinois' system of government covered a wide swath, including not only Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner but also Democratic rivals for governor. Rauner dismissed Biss as "part of the system."

Source: Chicago Tribune on 2018 Illinois gubernatorial race Mar 20, 2017

Bruce Rauner: The people demanded fair districting; judges denied them

We worked hard to change our broken political system and restore competitive general elections in our state. We encouraged the people of Illinois to put more than one million signatures on petitions to get term limits and fair maps on the ballot. Unfortunately, our judges, who themselves are elected through our state political process, decided that a million signatures weren't enough. They decided that only you, the members of the General Assembly, could pass the necessary legislation to enable the voters to have their say.

I ask you [the legislature] today, on behalf of all the people of Illinois--Democrats and Republicans--please do the right thing and pass the bills to put term limits and fair maps on the ballot. Let the people decide these issues for themselves. End the power of incumbency and special interest groups, and give power back to the people of our state. Illinois turns 200 in 2018.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Illinois Legislature Jan 25, 2017

Raja Krishnamoorthi: Campaign finance reforms to enable citizen participation

Raja opposes the unfettered influx of corporate and special interest money in politics made possible by the Supreme Court's wrong-headed Citizens United decision. Raja will work to make sure that the voices of working people and the poor aren't drowned out by special interests.