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Andrew Cuomo: OpEd: Primary challenge doubles the campaign donation limit

Though Zephyr Teachout's campaign can prove disruptive to Cuomo's early election season, it has one silver lining for the incumbent. Without a primary challenger, Cuomo would have to return a percentage of donations he received. With Teachout's entry, Cuomo will be able to accept maximum donations for both the primary and general election cycles
Source: blog on 2014 New York State gubernatorial race Jun 13, 2014

Zephyr Teachout: Political icons: Teddy Roosevelt & Louis Brandeis

Zephyr Teachout wants to end corruption in American politics. She takes the long view of history, where the arc of the political universe bends toward progress.

When asked about her influences, she eschews more recent icons like John F. Kennedy or Lyndon B. Johnson in favor of early 20th century figures like Teddy Roosevelt, Louis Brandeis, and William Jennings Bryan.

"These are people who, trapped in one circumstance managed to organize and create a new one; it gives you an extraordinary sense of possibility, understanding that the world can be better, can be different," Teachout said in a phone interview.

Teachout, a law professor at Fordham University, is running in the Democratic primary in September against the incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Her campaign platform promises more spending on education and infrastructure, but it's her tough stance on corruption and corporate power that is most salient.

Source: Epoch Times on 2014 New York State Governor's race Jul 8, 2014

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