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Seth Kaper-Dale: Use prison for training, not profit

Meaningful re-entry services should begin in earnest on the day of entry into prison/jail. Prison serves as a tool of correction, which means it should also be a launch pad for meaningful opportunities to live a better, safer life. Minimum wage jobs (or better) should start during a prison sentence. Currently those who are serving time are paid slave-wages. No prison system should present opportunities for market investment or economic growth.
Source: 2018 New Jersey Governor website Aug 8, 2017

Josh Gottheimer: Prison reform for nonviolent offenders

We will only succeed as a nation if everyone is included and treated with respect and dignity. I will work for prison reform for nonviolent offenders, an area with great bipartisan support. We waste massive amounts of money on strategies that make our communities less, not more, safe.
Source: 2016 New Jersey House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Ray Lesniak: Change culture of corrections: limit solitary confinement

A bill that would sharply limit solitary confinement for prisoners in New Jersey cleared a Senate committee on despite a warning from the president of the union for corrections officers that the measure will carry a price tag. The Law and Public Safety committee voted 3-1 to approve the bill. The bill's sponsor, Sen. Raymond Lesniak, said he reintroduced the bill to "change the culture of corrections in New Jersey and hopefully across the United States."

The measure--opposed by the state Department of Corrections when it was first introduced last year--prohibits placing inmates in solitary for non-disciplinary reasons. It would grant inmates a right to a hearing to contest solitary within 72 hours of placement and make it subject to review every 15 days. The restrictions would cover inmates housed in state prisons or county jails. It would not apply in situations of facility-wide lockdowns, emergency confinement, medical isolation or protective custody.

Source: Bergen Record on New Jersey Senate voting records Mar 11, 2016

Chris Christie: De-criminalizing drug use has reduced prisoner population

Four years ago I also stood in this chamber and called for us to fundamentally change the way we treat nonviolent criminals who are in the thralls of the disease of addiction.

Through the reforms we delivered, like mandatory drug court, we have a smaller prison population today and we are closing a traditional state prison--Mid-State Prison--which I propose today that we open as a fully dedicated, certified drug abuse treatment facility for New Jersey prison inmates.

Source: 2016 State of the State speech to New Jersey legislature Jan 12, 2016

Cory Booker: Real solution to crime is addressing poverty and education

Booker said the real answer to fighting crime is addressing poverty and poor education. In the meantime, as homicides surge in the city he governed for seven years, Newark's leaders say the city can't wait.

"Nobody would argue with the need for a holistic approach over the long term, but our citizens need help right now," said one mayoral candidate. "I requested federal emergency funding to flood high crime areas with more police." Booker would not comment on whether those dollars would be available but said he has been talking with U.S. Attorneys about immediate strategies.

He also said the violence was not confined to Newark. The Star-Ledger reported today that New Jersey has seen a seven-year high in homicides statewide. "Looking at the whole state, we have serious, serious violence issues," Booker said.

Source: Newark Star-Ledger on 2014 New Jersey Senate race Jan 1, 2014

Cory Booker: Incarceration isn't working; focus on preventing recidivism

Our criminal justice system is broken. New Jersey's prison population increased by 328% between 1980 and 2011, burdening taxpayers with billions of dollars in direct and indirect costs, and destabilizing countless families and communities. And that incarceration isn't working: 55% of those who go to state prison are rearrested within three years. In Newark, we didn't wait for the state or federal government to get their act together:
Source: 2013-2014 New Jersey Senate campaign web Nov 3, 2013

Cory Booker: Increase the number of police in all neighborhoods

Source: 2013-2014 New Jersey Senate campaign web Nov 3, 2013

Cory Booker: Cut first responders due to economic downturn

As an executive serving during the deepest economic downturn this nation has endured in generations, I did all I could to protect the ranks of my fire and police departments, and funding for emergency medical services. But it wasn't enough. Like most localities in New Jersey, and like so many across the country, we watched our ranks dwindle even as we searched for new revenue and cut everywhere else first.
Source: 2013-2014 New Jersey Senate campaign web Nov 3, 2013

Cory Booker: Bipartisan solution to reduce recidivism

The challenge I often see in America now is we get caught in this idea that democracy's a spectator sport, that you could sit on your couch, root for your team, red or blue, but not realize that politics is a full-contact, participatory endeavor.

We as a people can never allow our inability to do everything, [such as] solving poverty, to undermine our determinations to do something. And so I'm a child of a generation that said, "I'm going to do something to make this world a better place."

[For example], the Manhattan Institute is a right-leaning think tank. I have lots of disagreements with their leadership, but we said that one of the biggest problems in America is mass incarceration. It's one of the most expensive governments that's gone out of control and it fails. They release those people and the majority of them come back. And we found ways to get together and do reentry programs of dramatically-reduced recidivism.

We have a politics in this country that's failing its people.

Source: Meet the Press 2013 on 2014 New Jersey Senate race Aug 25, 2013

Bonnie Watson Coleman: Provide prison inmates with vocational & job-related skills

Source: New Jersey 2005-2006 Gubernatorial Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2005

Thomas Kean Jr.: Co-sponsored bill establishing crime of human trafficking

Bill A2730: Establishes crime of human trafficking; adds to racketeering; authorizes victim compensation and services; provides certain affirmative defenses.

This bill would establish new crimes concerning forced labor and sex trafficking. Both of these activities represent a modern form of slavery, in which ever increasing numbers of persons, primarily women and children, are trafficked across international borders and into this State. Forced labor and sex trafficking would each be categorized as a crime of the second degree.

Also, if a person destroyed, concealed, or possessed the passport or any other government-issued identifying document of a victim, while in the course of committing, attempting to commit, or conspiring to commit, the crime of forced labor or sex trafficking, the person would be guilty of a crime of the third degree.

Source: New Jersey State legislative voting records, Bill A2730 May 6, 2004

Donny DiFrancesco: More victims’ rights; identify sex offendors

Source: New Jersey congressional voting records Dec 25, 2000

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