State of North Dakota secondary Archives: on Tax Reform

Dustin Peyer: Revenue should come from wealthy; and sales tax

I believe a fair system of taxes along with state owned business can give the people a fair amount of public services. Trickle down does not work. We need to be eliminating taxes for business that pay a living wage. For the middle class. And for ownership of property and others. I believe the majority of tax collections should come from sales tax and from collections from the wealthiest folks who make money off the middle class workforce.
Source: 2018 North Dakota Senatorial website Oct 1, 2017

Thomas Campbell: overhaul the tax code to grow jobs

Tom believes the nation's $19 trillion debt is not just a fiscal problem--it's a moral problem too. It's wrong to bury our children and grandchildren under a mountain of debt. He will fight to eliminate wasteful spending, balance the budget and pay down the debt. On taxes, Tom supports overhauling the tax code to grow jobs. Instead of letting the lobbyists and special interests write the tax laws, he'll put hard-working North Dakota families first.
Source: 2018 North Dakota Senatorial Oct 1, 2017

Doug Burgum: Shrink government and stop property tax hikes

Doug will eliminate the runaway spending of career politicians that stuck North Dakota with a $1.1 billion deficit.