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Allen Waters: Opposes strengthening gun laws

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, private gun ownership, and enforcing existing laws.
Source: 2018 Massachusetts Senate campaign website Jul 17, 2017

Allen Waters: I keep my gun license in my pocket

Waters identified himself as a conservative Democrat from Mashpee and said he is running for the Republican nomination to combat "50 years of liberal failure on poverty" and to "protect our American culture." He explained he is conservative on many issues, including gun rights (he said he had his gun license in his pocket), abortion, and the idea of "sanctuary cities."
Source: Greenfield Recorder on 2018 Massachusetts Senatorial race Jun 1, 2017

Ben Downing: Supports AG on enforcing state assault weapons law

The goal of the 1998 Assault Weapons Ban was to restrict access to a certain type of firearm because of the particular lethality of these guns. The legislation recognized that simple changes to peripheral features could skirt the law. Given that, I believe the actions of the Attorney General are in line with the original legislation's intent. Copycat assault weapons marketed as "state compliant" are designed specifically to circumvent the laws of the Commonwealth.
Source: 2022 Massachusetts Governor campaign site Oct 6, 2016

Brian Herr: People have a right to defend themselves and their property

On gun control, Herr said people have a right to defend themselves and their property. But, he said, "When the Second Amendment was written 200 years ago, the weapons available today were not dreamed of." Herr would support banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines. But he said Congress can explore other options--for example, allowing people to shoot assault weapons at a club or shooting range, where it can be done in a controlled environment.
Source: Springfield Republican on 2014 Massachusetts Senate race Jan 30, 2014

Carla Howell: Free gun ownership by peaceful citizens without exception

Q: What should be done in terms of guns and gun control?

A: Libertarians always put the Second Amendment first. The Constitution gives the federal government no authority to interfere with the private ownership of guns. Gun control is gun prohibition. I support the Constitution. I will vote for the free ownership of guns by peaceful, law-abiding citizens without exception, every time.

Source: Eric Darbe, Massachusetts News Jan 5, 2000

Carla Howell: 22,000 anti-gun laws havenít worked-repeal them

Q: What about gun registration and waiting periods? Is there any middle ground for you on guns?

A: There are 22,000 anti-gun laws on the books in America. We need to repeal these laws and make America freer and safer. There is no justification for these unconstitutional regulations. They donít help anything. They make things worse. They let government infringe on personal liberty and property ownership.

Source: Eric Darbe, Massachusetts News Jan 5, 2000

Charlie Baker: Supports tough gun control laws

Baker and Tisei are arguably among the most radical Republican party-endorsed Governor or Lt. Governor candidates ever in Massachusetts. How bad are they? Off the charts. In any other state they would be left-wing Democrats.
Source: on 2014 Massachusetts Governor's race Aug 4, 2010

Charlie Baker: Let local police chiefs decide who can get shotguns

Q: Do you own a gun?

A: I do not own a gun. Never needed to.

Q: Would you sign the new gun bill that the governor is going to sign today?

A: I had three wish-list items when the gun debate began. (1) that Massachusetts would connect on its background process to the mental health registry. (2) that we would enhance the penalties for crimes committed with a gun. And (3) that we would finally get serious about dealing with illegal gun trafficking. By the way, the pepper spray bit is in there too, and I support that. So I'm actually glad that we finally dealt with what I consider to be 3 of the major issues that we all face.

Q: People are concerned about the piece of the gun bill that allows police chiefs to control who can get a shotgun.

A: I actually think what they came up was actually a pretty artistic idea, which is they basically put the burden of proof on the police chief to make the case to a court that there was reason to deny someone access to a long arm permit. (WBUR)

Source: Mass IEPAC p.215, on 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial debate Aug 13, 2014

Charlie Baker: Expand background checks; no gun unless mentally healthy

JIM BRAUDE: "Deval Patrick filed a bill at the legislature that has gone nowhere repeatedly that would limit the number of guns you can purchase to one a month. Would you support that?"

BAKER: "You had Democratic Representative William Strauss on your show a couple of nights ago; he didn't call it a gimmick per se, but he said he didn't think it was a solution. And I actually think he is right on that."

BRAUDE: "Would you oppose that?"

BAKER: "Yeah, I don't think that solves that problem. If you want to solve that problem we should talk about expanding our background checks, which is part of what the legislature plans to debate with respect to guns. I mean, obviously, we really have to find a way to get this mental health issue dealt with, background check process, I think we have to make sure anyone with a mental health record cannot get access to a gun in Massachusetts.

Source: Mass IEPAC p. 31, on 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial debate Sep 25, 2013

Gabriel Gomez: Start with expanded background check tied to mental health

Q: You say you are for expanded background check, but perhaps the issue that Markey has hit you hardest on is gun control.

[VIDEO CLIP] MARKEY: My opponent opposes an assault weapon ban. My opponent opposes a ban on high capacity magazines that attach to those assault weapons that turn them into weapons of war.[END VIDEO]

Q: So that's his point. Yes, you may be for the expanded background check, but you are against the assault weapons ban, and the high capacity magazine ban.

GOMEZ: This is an example of Congressman Markey not knowing how to solve the problem. In order to need to solve the problem, we need to ban all weapons from the wrong people. That's what's going to make our communities, our schools and our kids safer. In order to do that, we have to pass the expanded background check and tie it to mental health.

Source: Fox News Sunday 2013, on 2014 Massachusetts Senate race Jun 23, 2013

Geoff Diehl: Unwavering support for gun rights

Diehl is an unwavering supporter of the Second Amendment and Sportsmen's rights. He has a proven track record and has earned our support. We are under constant attack at the State House. Last year when Speaker Robert DeLeo released a report with 44 so-called recommendations to tighten up gun laws, Geoff Diehl stood with us. He spoke at our rally to protect our rights and he did not bend due to political pressure.
Source: on 2018 Massachusetts Senate race Oct 23, 2015

Heidi Wellman: National gun license initiative

I have friends who live in Vermont who cannot carry guns across the border into Massachusetts. I plan to get a gun license myself and advocate in favor of our second amendment rights. I believe that a licensed and trained gun owner should be able to cross state lines without having to be fluent in the gun laws of each state as it pertains to our federal rights.
Source: 2018 Massachusetts Senatorial website Oct 15, 2017

Heidi Wellman: Absolute right to gun ownership

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Absolute right to gun ownership"?


Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Massachusetts Senate candidate Mar 7, 2018

Jay Gonzalez: Combating gun violence a priority

Massachusetts has a long history of national leadership on gun control. Our Commonwealth is widely recognized for having some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Massachusetts has the lowest rate of gun deaths among all states. However, even one gun-related death is too many. Massachusetts needs to aim higher in its efforts to address the root causes of violence and reduce access to guns. I pledge to work hard to combat gun violence across our Commonwealth.
Source: 2018 Massachusetts Gubernatorial website Sep 15, 2017

Jay Gonzalez: Ban assault weapons and gun silencers

    Stopping Gun Violence Before It Starts
  • Address the root causes of violence by investing in programs that provide stability in people's lives.
  • Support community policing efforts aimed at building strong neighborhood ties and engaging high-risk youth
  • Expand summer job programs for at-risk youth.
  • Partner with cities and towns to target gun violence hot spots, and revitalize high-crime neighborhoods
    Reducing Access to Guns and Increasing Enforcement
  • Advocate for the reinstatement of the federal assault weapons ban.
  • Support Attorney General Healey's enforcement of the state assault weapons ban, including "copycat" assault weapons.
  • Support innovative and proven programs to get guns off the streets, such as buy backs.
  • Oppose legislation that would legalize gun silencers.
  • Promote development and advancement in "smart gun" technologies that restrict access to only a gun's legal owner.
Source: 2018 Massachusetts gubernatorial campaign website Dec 12, 2017

Kevin O`Connor: Supports right to bear arms and background checks

Kevin O`Connor supports a citizen's right to bear arms. Massachusetts has strong gun laws, including mandatory background checks for people who choose to own firearms. Reducing gun violence is a crucial priority, and to that end Kevin supports full enforcement of safety standards and ownership regulations.
Source: 2020 Massachusetts Senate campaign website Oct 6, 2020

Lori Trahan: Comprehensive background checks; no concealed carry

Lori believes we need to put an end to the cycle of gun violence that is taking too many lives in our schools and our communities. Ban and buy back all extended-capacity magazines. Broaden the definition of "domestic abuser". Expanding the prohibition on gun ownership. Enhance gun storage laws. No-fly, No-buy. Comprehensive background checks at every point of sale. Oppose concealed carry reciprocity. Create a Select Committee on Gun Violence.
Source: 2018 Massachusetts 3rd House campaign website Oct 9, 2018

Maura Healey: Hold gun dealers & manufacturers accountable for marketing

Healey and 14 other attorney generals have filed a brief stating that federal law does not shield gun manufacturers. "It is unacceptable for gun manufacturers and distributors to knowingly market their products in a way that facilitates the illegal trafficking of weapons into the hands of dangerous individuals," said Healey. "We urge the court to recognize that gun dealers, manufacturers, and distributors may be held accountable under state laws for how they market and sell their products."
Source: on 2022 Massachusetts Gubernatorial race Feb 1, 2022

Mike Lee: Expanded background check first, not assault weapon ban

Q: You are for an expanded background check, but perhaps the issue that Markey has hit you hardest on is gun control.

(VIDEO CLIP) MARKEY: My opponent opposes an assault weapon ban. My opponent opposes a ban on high capacity magazines that attach to those assault weapons that turn them into weapons of war.

GOMEZ: This is an example of Congressman Markey not knowing how to solve the problem. In order to need to solve the problem, we need to ban all weapons from the wrong people. That's what's going to make our communities, our schools and our kids safer. In order to do that, we have to pass the expanded background check and ties to mental health. He's never had a history of reaching across the aisle. I can go down there with the credibility to get more Republicans and conservative Democrats to pass this bill. That's how we're going to get our communities, our schools and our kids safer. That's the problem we need to solve.

Source: Fox News Sunday on 2013 Massachusetts Senate debate Jun 23, 2013

Setti Warren: Join 18 mayors in banning assault weapons

Mayor Setti Warren is among 19 Massachusetts mayors who have formed a coalition in support of Attorney General Maura Healey's enforcement of the assault weapons ban. The mayors signed a statement of support for Healey, writing:

In the wake of incidents of violence against civilians and law enforcement in cities across the country, our positions demand that we speak out. We have called again and again for national solutions to gun violence, to increase mental health funding, and to end the sale of military-style weapons to civilians, because our cities are not war zones. But we are as frustrated with inaction and empty words.

For this reason, we have come together to express our strong support for Attorney General Maura Healey's recently announced effort to enforce the state's ban on the sale of assault weapons. Many more people, including gun owners, believe that sensible limits make our streets, our schools, our parks, and our workplaces that much safer.

Source: Newton Patch on 2018 Massachusetts governor race Aug 10, 2016

Shiva Ayyadurai: Protect constitutional gun rights

Most gun owners are law abiding citizens. We must protect their constitutional rights. Chicago has America's strictest firearm laws and has record-breaking gun crime.
Source: 2018 Massachusetts Senatorial website Oct 15, 2017

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