First GOP presidential debate: on Immigration

Asa Hutchinson: Lethal force on border as needed; bring in Mexico as partner

Q: Suspected cartel members crossing into Texas with rifles--do you consider this an invasion? Would you authorize lethal force along that border?

HUTCHINSON: There would be lethal force used by the Border Patrol, law enforcement as needed to protect the border, absolutely. The military has to be used for intelligence-gathering purposes. When I was in the Bush administration, we went down there and met with President Vicente Fox of Mexico and asked his help on going after the cartels. And he looked at me and said, "they're a problem to us as well." And so we joined together, and we took down the Arellano-Felix brothers leading the Tijuana Cartel. Cooperation makes a difference. We cannot be successful going against the cartel unless we bring in Mexico as a partner. We have to use economic pressure to accomplish that. President Obrador has not been helpful, and we have to use economic pressure that this administration is not using. The rule of law has to matter on both sides of it.

Source: Fox News 2023 Republican primary debate in Milwaukee Aug 23, 2023

Donald Trump: The first thing I would do is seal the border good and tight

I had the strongest border in the history of our country, and I built almost 500 miles of wall. I had another 200 that I was going to build. It's like water, it seeks. We're going to build another 200. We built it, it was all set to go, all they had to do is install it. That's when I found out, I said, "I think these people actually want open borders." The first thing I would do would be, I would seal up the border good and tight, except for people that want to come in legally.
Source: Tucker on X interview opposite 2023 GOP debate in Milwaukee Aug 23, 2023

Chris Christie: Make sure people who came here illegally are not rewarded

Make sure that people who come here illegally are not rewarded for being here illegally. We have so many wonderful people from around the world, who are waiting in line following the law to try to come here and pursue the American dream. And those people are waiting and waiting and waiting. Because we haven't dealt with the problem of the folks who are here. We have to have them detained. We have to make sure that they are not rewarded for having broken the law.
Source: Fox News 2023 Republican primary debate in Milwaukee Aug 23, 2023

Doug Burgum: Biden funded 87,000 people at IRS instead of Border Patrol

And we have to be strong, and we have to be strong both in Ukraine, and we can solve the Southern border. Absolutely, we can do that, because guess what? There's only 19,855 authorized people for the Border Patrol. But they're not all staffed, because the Biden administration doesn't enforce law enforcement. But the Biden administration wanted to put 87,000 people in the IRS, as opposed to giving the money and the support we need to our own Border Patrol.
Source: Fox News 2023 Republican primary debate in Milwaukee Aug 23, 2023

Tim Scott: Finish the wall; get military-grade surveillance at border

Let's fire the 87,000 IRS agents and hire or double the number of Border Patrol agents. How many have not been caught at our Southern border? If we just spend $10 billion, we could finish the wall. For $5 billion more, we could have the military- grade technology to surveil our Southern border to stop the flow of fentanyl and save 70,000 Americans a year. That should be the priority of this government. And, as the next president of the United States, I will make that border wall complete.
Source: Fox News 2023 Republican primary debate in Milwaukee Aug 23, 2023

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