Tim Ryan in June Democratic candidates debate in Miami FL

On Corporations: Need industrial policy to reinvent American manufacturing

Q: Can you promise to get manufacturing jobs to come back?

RYAN: General Motors got a tax cut. Then they have the audacity to move a new car that they're going to produce to Mexico. The bottom 60% haven't seen a raise since 1980. Meanwhile, the top 1% control 90% of the wealth. We need an industrial policy saying we're going to dominate building electric vehicles, there's going to be 30 million made in the next 10 years. I want half of them made in the United States. I want to dominate the solar industry and manufacture those here in the United States.

Q: Are these jobs coming back?

Sen. Elizabeth WARREN:˙We've had an industrial policy in the United States for decades now, and it's basically been let giant corporations do whatever they want to do.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

On Energy & Oil: Must reconnect with working class to address climate change

Q: How do we pay for climate mitigation?

Tim Ryan: We have a perception problem with the Democratic Party. We are not connecting to the working class people in the industrial Midwest, to get those workers back on our side so we can say we're going to build electric vehicles, we're going to build solar panels. All I'm saying is here, if we don't address that fundamental problem with our connection to workers--white, black, brown, gay, straight--working-class people none of this is going to get done.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

On Gun Control: We need mental health counseling to prevent mass shootings

Secretary Julian CASTRO: I am the dad of a 10-year-old girl, Carina. The worst thing is knowing that your child might be worried about what could happen at school, a place that's supposed to be safe.

Rep. Tim RYAN: These kids are traumatized. We need to start dealing with the trauma that our kids have. We need trauma-based care in every school. 90% of the shooters come from the school they're in, and 73% of them feel shamed, traumatized, or bullied. We need to make sure that these kids feel connected to the school. That means a mental health counselor in every single school. We need to start playing offense. If our kids are so traumatized that they're getting a gun and going into our schools, we're doing something wrong.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

On Immigration: Terrorists treated better than children at the border

Q: Should it be a crime to illegally cross the border? Or should it be a civil offense only?

There are other provisions in the law that will allow you to prosecute people for coming over here if they're dealing drugs and other things. There's no need to repeat it. It's abhorrent the way these kids are being treated. If you go to Guantanamo Bay, there are terrorists that are held that get better health care than those kids that have tried to cross the border in the United States. The president should immediately ask doctors and nurses to go immediately down to the border and start taking care of these kids. The end result is now we've got kids literally laying in their own snot, with three-week-old diapers that haven't been changed. We've got to tell this president that is not a sign of strength. That is a sign of weakness.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

On War & Peace: If the US isn't engaged in Afghanistan, Taliban will regrow

Q: President Obama and President Trump have both said that they want to end U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. Why isn't it over?

RYAN: You have to stay engaged in these situations. Nobody likes it. It's long. It's tedious. But right now, I would say we must be engaged in this. We must have our State Department engaged. We must have our military engaged to the extent they need to be.

Rep. Tulsi GABBARD: Is that what you will tell the parents of soldiers killed in Afghanistan? "Well, we just have to be engaged?" As a soldier, I will tell you, that answer is unacceptable.

RYAN: I don't want to be engaged. But the reality of it is, if the United States isn't engaged, the Taliban will grow. And they will have bigger, bolder terrorist acts. We have got to have some presence there.

GABBARD: The Taliban was there long before we came in. They're going to be there long before we leave.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

On Welfare & Poverty: I represent a forgotten community: the working class

There's nothing worse than not being heard. Nothing worse than not being seen. And I know that because I've represented for 17 years in Congress a forgotten community.

They've tried to divide us, who's white, who's black, who's gay, who's straight, who's a man, who's a woman. And they ran away with all the gold because they divided the working class. It's time for us to come together.

I don't know how you feel, but I'm ready to play some offense. I come from the middle of industrial America, but these problems are all over our country. There's a tent city in L.A. There's homeless people and people around our country who can't afford a home. It's time for us to get back on track. The teacher in Texas, the nurse in New Hampshire, the waitress in Wisconsin, all of us coming together, playing offense with an agenda that lifts everybody up.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) Jun 26, 2019

The above quotations are from NBC News, "Decision 2020," the Democratic candidates debate,
live from the Adrienne Arsht Performing Arts Center in Miami, Florida, June 26-27, 2019..
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