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Republicans have become a party of losers

Q: Why you and not the former president?

Vivek Ramaswamy: We've become a party of losers. Since Ronna McDaniel took over as chairwoman of the RNC in 2017, we have lost 2018, 2020, 2022, no red wave that never came, we got trounced last night in 2023. And I think that we have to have accountability in our party for that matter, Ron, if you want to come on stage tonight, you want to look the GOP voters in the eye and tell them you resign. I will yield my time to you.

Source: NBC News 2023 Republican primary debate in Miami , Nov 8, 2023

Worried the American dream won't exist for our two sons

My parents came to this country with no money 40 years ago. I have gone on to found multibillion dollar companies. I did it while I married my wife Apoorva, raising our two sons, following our faith in God. That is the American dream. And I am genuinely worried that that American dream will not exist for our two sons and their generation unless we do something about it. Now is our moment to start running to something, to our vision of what it means to be an American today.
Source: Fox News 2023 Republican primary debate in Milwaukee , Aug 23, 2023

Constitution strongest guarantor of freedom in human history

God is real. There are two genders. Fossil fuels are a requirement for human prosperity. Reverse-racism is racism. An open border is not a border. Parents determine the education of their children. The nuclear family is the greatest form of governance known to man. Capitalism lifts us up from poverty. The US Constitution is the strongest guarantor of freedom in human history. That is what won us the American Revolution. That is what will win us the revolution of 2024.
Source: Fox News 2023 Republican primary debate in Milwaukee , Aug 23, 2023

For my part, I stand for the America first agenda

For my part, I stand for the America first agenda. I think I am the only candidate in this race, in the entire Republican primary field, who can deliver a Ronald Reagan 1980-style landslide election, a moral mandate in this election. And I think that is critically important to unite this country and, frankly, to drive forward the agenda that I have to shut down the administrative state, to declare independence from China.
Source: CNN SOTU interviews on 2023 Presidential primary hopefuls , Jul 30, 2023

Blames Biden for special counsel & indictment of Trump

Q: Trump's indictment [on withholding classified documents was] approved by a grand jury.

RAMASWAMY: I think we have to be able to draw a distinction between bad judgments and breaking the law. And when especially the federal police apparatus conflates the two, that's a threat to liberty for everyone, not just President Trump, but every American, where every misjudgment is treated as a violation of law.

Q: It is unprecedented.

RAMASWAMY: Based on the precedent of the Clinton sock drawer case, it is at the president's sole discretion as to what is and is not covered as a presidential record, I think the court will acquit him. If Trump's judgment was bad, President Biden's judgment is worse for actually bringing a prosecution.

Q: Pres. Biden didn't bring a prosecution.

RAMASWAMY: The Department of Justice reports into the President. And so this is a fig leaf. Get to the bottom of what Biden told [Attorney General Merrick] Garland and what Garland told [Special Counsel] Jack Smith.

Source: CNN interviews on 2023 Presidential hopefuls , Jun 11, 2023

To put America first, we need to rediscover what America is

I'm running to something. What it actually means to be an American. I'm an America first conservative, but I believe that to put America first, we need to rediscover what America is. And I'm seeing the base across this country hungry for that message. And that's how we're going to win.
Source: ABC This Week on 2023 Presidential hopefuls , Jun 4, 2023

We should embrace our national identity and be proud of it

[On American Exceptionalism]: "Most Republican politicians are afraid of the word 'nationalism.' They shouldn't be. America is grounded in ideals & truth," Mr. Ramaswamy says. "We should embrace our national identity & be proud of it. That's good for America & for the free world. If that makes me a nonwhite nationalist, so be it."
Source: Washington Times on 2024 Presidential hopefuls , Mar 28, 2023

Defining political debate is pro-American vs. anti-American

I do consider myself a conservative, but I don't believe that the defining political debate in this country is between Republicans and Democrats. I think it is between those who are fundamentally pro-American, whether you believe in the ideals that set this nation into motion, from free speech and open debate, to meritocracy, to self-governance over aristocracy. Or are you anti- American? Do you actually wish to apologize for a nation whose existence is pinned to those ideals?
Source: CNN SOTU interviews on 2023/2024 Presidential hopefuls , Mar 13, 2023

Deliver national unity with our shared American identity

We're in the middle of this national identity crisis. I think the opportunity for the GOP now is not just to complain about wokeness, or gender ideology, or climate ideology, but actually to go upstream and fill that black hole with a vision of American national identity that runs so deep that it dilutes these agendas to irrelevance and actually unifies us as a country. I'm the candidate best positioned to actually deliver national unity by reawakening that shared American identity.
Source: CNN interviews on 2023 Presidential hopefuls , Mar 12, 2023

Capitalism has to stay apolitical to bring us together

I think that it's inherently divisive to tell us that we're nothing more than the characteristics we inherit on the day we're born. That divides us on the basis of race and sex and sexual orientation.

And then, when that merges with capitalism, we lose the apolitical sanctuary in our economy, that otherwise brings us together, whether we're black or white, even whether we're Democrat or Republican. That's one of the underappreciated reasons why capitalism has to stay apolitical.

Source: CNN interviews on 2023 Presidential hopefuls , Mar 12, 2023

Judeo-Christian values cornerstone of American identity

As for his faith, Ramaswamy is Hindu although he attended a Jesuit high school. "There is a moral foundation for equality and America's vision of equality starts with that moral foundation," he says. "I think we should be unapologetic about reviving yes, those Judeo-Christian values, values that I happen to share through my Hindu faith as well, but revive those as the cornerstone of American identity to family, faith, patriotism. These are become four letter words..."
Source: CBN on 2024 Presidential hopefuls , Mar 9, 2023

I am an 'America first' conservative; won't apologize for it

He said this is an opportunity for the Republican Party and for the conservative movement to rise to the occasion and fill that void with a vision of American national identity that runs so deep that it dilutes woke "poison" to "irrelevance." Mr. Ramaswamy said he is all in on the "America first" agenda. "Believe me, I am an 'America first' conservative. I will not apologise for it. But to put America first, we now need to rediscover what America is."
Source: Speech at the 2023 CPAC Conference in Maryland , Mar 5, 2023

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