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Replace sick-care system with preventative medicine

Q: For 15 years, Republicans have promised to repeal Obamacare, but haven't. Trump repeatedly promised to replace it with, “Something terrific,” but failed to propose anything. Why should Americans trust you more than any other Republicans?

Vivek Ramaswamy: There's something that's awful that's happening in our healthcare system. They'll pay for anything, like feeding tubes, doctors to be pill pushers, but for the procedures that can actually make these patients better, we have a broken healthcare system that doesn't pay for it. So, here's the answer. We don't have a healthcare system in this country. We have a sick care system. We need to start having diverse insurance options in a competitive marketplace that cover actual health, preventative medicine, diet, exercise, lifestyle and otherwise. And here's how we deliver that: end the antitrust exemptions for health insurance companies. That's where the competitive marketplace begins. That's crony capitalism, and that's the answer.

Source: NewsNation 2023 Republican primary debate in Alabama , Dec 6, 2023

Gut the FDA and its corrupt regulations

His financial success predominantly comes from his Roivant biotech business. The core idea behind the Roivant clusters was buying up old pharma castoffs and either retrying in the clinic or tweaking into a new area not tried before. Many of Roivant's companies were eventually sold off with some having to pivot after major flops.

Perhaps strangely given his background, he initially talked very little about the pharmaceutical industry or the FDA, but that changed last month. He said he would look to "gut" the FDA, which he referred to as being "corrupt."

"Countless FDA regulations and actions are hypocritical, harmful & unconstitutional. I will rescind them accordingly," he wrote. "For years I was coached by industry veterans not to speak out against FDA: if you anger FDA, they will punish you by blackballing review of your drug review applications. 'FDA never forgets' is a quietly-whispered, well-known pharma industry adage. Now I speak freely as a citizen."

Source: Fierce Pharma e-mag on 2023 Presidential hopefuls , Aug 15, 2023

Gender dysphoria is suffering; we're creating more of it

Gender dysphoria for most of our history, although it's in the DSM-5, has been characterized as a mental health disorder. And I don't think it's compassionate to affirm that. I think that's cruelty.

Gender dysphoria, for the rare few people who have suffered it, is a condition of suffering. My question is, why on earth are we going out of our way to create even more of it? And there's no doubt that the cultural movement in this country, even education, is creating more gender dysphoria.

Source: Meet the Press on 2023 Presidential hopefuls , Apr 30, 2023

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