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Drill, frack, burn coal and embrace nuclear

Ron DESANTIS: We must reverse Bidenomics so that middle class families have a chance to succeed again. We need to lower your gas prices. We're going to open up all energy production. We will be energy dominant again in this country. I showed it could be done in the state of Florida. I pledge to you as your president we will get the job done and I will not let you down.

Vivek RAMASWAMY: This isn't that complicated, guys, unlock American energy: drill, frack, burn coal and embrace nuclear, put people back to work by no longer paying them more to stay at home, reform the US Fed, stabilize the US dollar, and go to war.

Gov. Doug BURGUM: We can't just talk about the Biden economy because the economy, energy and national security are all tied together. We're paying too much for energy right now. But part of the reason why is because the Biden policies on energy.

Source: Fox News 2023 Republican primary debate in Milwaukee , Aug 23, 2023

Climate change agenda is a hoax

Vivek RAMASWAMY: Let us be honest as Republicans. I'm the only person on the stage who isn't bought and paid for, so I can say this: the climate change agenda is a hoax. And the reality is the anti-carbon agenda is the wet blanket on our economy. And so, the reality is more people are dying of bad climate change policies than they are of actual climate change.

Gov. Nikki HALEY: Is climate change real? Yes, it is. But if you want to really change the environment, then we need to start telling China and India that they have to lower their emissions.

Sen. Tim SCOTT: If we want the environment to be better, the best thing to do is to bring our jobs home from China. If we create 10 million new jobs in my Made in America Plan, we will have a better economy and a better environment. America has cut our carbon footprint in half in the last 25 years. Why do we put ourselves at a disadvantage, devastating our own economy? Let's bring our jobs home.

Source: Fox News 2023 Republican primary debate in Milwaukee , Aug 23, 2023

Drill, frack & burn coal: abandon the climate cult

Source: 2024 Presidential campaign website vivek2024.com , May 1, 2023

Climate religion: it's about power, control, punishment

Ramaswamy said, "What is really going on is that the climate religion has about as much to do with the climate as the Spanish Inquisition had to do with Christ, which is to say nothing at all. It is about power, dominion, control, punishment and apologising for what we have achieved in this country and the modern West as we know it."
Source: Speech at the 2023 CPAC Conference in Maryland , Mar 5, 2023

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