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Proposes removing soft-on-crime, George Soros-backed DAs

Elder proposed that an ethics commission be created to oversee county attorneys across the state of Iowa. The commission would be able to recommend their removal from office if they declined to pursue cases. "The number one job of the government is to protect people and property," Elder said. "The number one job of the government is not being fulfilled due to soft-on-crime, George Soros-backed DAs."
Source: Des Moines Register on 2023 Presidential hopefuls , Jun 6, 2023

Tell police, DAs: hold criminals accountable for their acts

We will not sacrifice public safety just to appease a naive and corrupt minority who falsely accuses police officers of "systemic racism." We will not surrender the safety of the streets to the insanity of "no cash bail." The message from the White House to all law enforcement officials and district attorneys should be: "Hold criminals accountable for their acts, allow law-abiding citizens to go about their lives in peace and safety, and you will have our full support."
Source: 2024 Presidential campaign website LarryElder.com , Apr 30, 2023

We need enormous political will to invest in law enforcement

America's great cities have seen better days. We must address the root causes of urban decay. And we must first acknowledge that nearly every major city has had one-party Democrat rule for decades. Our cities can rise again, but it will take enormous political will to invest in law enforcement, shelter and treat the homeless, arrest and prosecute violent criminals, and incentivize business development. America's cities were once the envy of the world. They can be again.
Source: 2024 Presidential campaign website LarryElder.com , Apr 30, 2023

Police falsely accused of systemic racism, keep cash bail

I will never sacrifice public safety just to appease a corrupt minority that chants "defund the police" and that falsely accuses police officers of "systemic racism." I will never surrender the safety of the streets to the insanity of "no cash bail." I will never approve releasing 20,000 prisoners under a covid "early release" program, knowing too many will re-offend. I will work for a fair and firm bail policy.
Source: 2021 California Governor campaign website ElectElder.com , Jul 22, 2021

Police are pulling back, afraid of being called racist

He later sounded off on the crime wave across the country. "You have this assault on police officers, they're pulling back," he said. "It's called the Ferguson Effect, or the George Floyd effect, and that is cops are afraid of being called racist and therefore they're pulling back."
Source: Fox News on 2021 CA recall race , Jul 22, 2021

No evidence of anti-Black "systemic racism" by police

Suppose Obama encouraged Blacks to comply with the police and that if one feels mistreated, to get a name or badge number and sort it out later. Obama knows the statistics and studies. He knows there is no evidence of anti-Black "systemic racism" on the part of the police.

How many routine police encounters with Blacks escalate into something far more serious because young Blacks believe the "systemic racism" lie pushed by Black Lives Matter and their sympathizers?

Source: The Larry Elder Show "Race Card" , Apr 8, 2021

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