Tim Ryan on Welfare & Poverty

Democratic Representative (OH-17); Presidential Challenger (withdrawn)


I represent a forgotten community: the working class

There's nothing worse than not being heard. Nothing worse than not being seen. And I know that because I've represented for 17 years in Congress a forgotten community.

They've tried to divide us, who's white, who's black, who's gay, who's straight, who's a man, who's a woman. And they ran away with all the gold because they divided the working class. It's time for us to come together.

I don't know how you feel, but I'm ready to play some offense. I come from the middle of industrial America, but these problems are all over our country. There's a tent city in L.A. There's homeless people and people around our country who can't afford a home. It's time for us to get back on track. The teacher in Texas, the nurse in New Hampshire, the waitress in Wisconsin, all of us coming together, playing offense with an agenda that lifts everybody up.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (first night in Miami) , Jun 26, 2019

Voted NO on maintaining work requirement for welfare recipients.

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