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Democratic Presidential Challenger & Tech CEO


Against federal preclearance of state abortion laws

A majority endorsed a federal preclearance requirement for state abortion laws, which Kamala Harris proposed in May. Only Andrew Yang and Joe Sestak definitively rejected it.
Source: San Juan Daily Star on˙2019 Democratic primary , Nov 26, 2019

Male legislators shouldn't decide female reproductive rights

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang supports a woman's right to choose. "I personally don't think male legislators should be weighing in on women's reproductive rights and freedoms," he tweeted last month as Alabama passed its ban on nearly all abortions. Yang also believes the Hyde Amendment should be repealed, his campaign manager, Zach Graumann, told the NewsHour. Among the plethora of policy proposals on his campaign website, Yang argues that "the two most effective ways" to decrease the number of abortions are increasing access to birth control and providing support to those "who are financially struggling and become pregnant" through his plan for universal basic income. As president, Yang has said he would also nominate judges who support a woman's right to choose.
Source: PBS News Hour 2019 coverage of 2020 Democratic primary , Jun 7, 2019

Support a woman's right to choose, including contraception

Whether to have a child is an immense personal decision. In my view, it is solely up to the woman what course to take. As a society, we should support mothers in ways big and small if they do decide to have children. I respect the feelings that many Americans have on this issue, and appreciate the values one brings to bear. But it should always be up to the woman what to do. I have the feeling that if men became pregnant instead of women there would be absolutely no restriction on reproductive rights.
Source: 2020 presidential campaign website Yang2020.com , Mar 29, 2019

Abortion should be regulated by doctors, not legislators

He thinks that state laws regarding the legalization of the process should be handled by a board of doctors rather than legislators. Uniquely among his fellow candidates, Yang has proposed ways to decrease the amount of abortions in the country, saying that contraceptives and financial support to impoverished pregnant women should be provided.
Source: Townhall.com: 2020 Democratic primary "Candidate profiles" , Feb 6, 2019

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