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U.S.-Israel alliance is a strategic bedrock

Source: 2016 presidential campaign website TedCruz.org , Mar 15, 2016

Russia too strong for Syria cease-fire to hold

Q: Do you support the ceasefire in Syria?

TRUMP: I don't because it not working and the countries aren't agreeing to it and the rebels aren't agreeing and Syria is not agreeing. It's a meaningless ceasefire. I would love it, but all parties have to be part of it.

CRUZ: We're hopeful that the violence will cease, but there's reason to be highly skeptical. Russia has enhanced its position because of Obama's weakness in the Middle East, weakness in Syria.

Source: 2016 CNN-Telemundo Republican debate on eve of Texas primary , Feb 25, 2016

Overwhelming air power against ISIS, & arm the Kurds

CRUZ: When it comes to ISIS, we've got to have a focused objective. We need overwhelming air power, we need to arm the Kurds. We have Kurds in Iraq and Syria. They are fighting ISIS right now. They are winning victories right now. The Obama administration refuses to arm the Kurds. We ought to be arming them and letting them fight.
Source: 2016 CBS Republican primary debate in South Carolina , Feb 13, 2016

Our enemies will feel our full force & fury

Today, many of us picked up our newspapers, and we were horrified to see the sight of 10 American sailors on their knees, with their hands on their heads. If I am elected president, no service man or service woman will be forced to be on their knees, and any nation that captures our fighting men will feel the full force and fury of the United States of America.
Source: Fox Business Republican 2-tier debate , Jan 14, 2016

FactCheck: No, ISIS and Iran haven't declared war on America

Cruz said, "ISIS and Iran have declared war on America." Is that literally true? We checked, and no, there have been no formal declarations of war by any country (yet):Cruz's assertion should be understood metaphorically: that our enemies are behaving like war, and that we should declare war on them.
Source: OnTheIssues FactCheck on 2015 CNN/Salem Republican debate , Dec 15, 2015

Assad is bad, but toppling him gives Syria to ISIS

Sen. Lindsey GRAHAM: To my good friend Ted Cruz, please ask him the following question, you say you would keep Assad in power, I will tell you that is the worst possible thing that could come out of an American leaders mouth. It would be disastrous. Ted, getting in bed with Iran and Russia to save Assad is inconceivable.

CRUZ: We need to learn from history. Obama, Clinton, and far too many Republicans--want to topple Assad. Assad is a bad man. But if we topple Assad, the result will be that ISIS will take over Syria, and it will worsen U.S. national security interests. And I'll tell you whose view on Assad is the same as mine. It's Prime Minister Netanyahu. Prime Minister Netanyahu has said Israel doesn't have a dog in that fight because Assad is a puppet of Iran, a Shia radical Islamic terrorist, but at the same time, Prime Minister Netanyahu doesn't want to see Syria governed by ISIS. And we need to focus on American interests, not on global aspirations...

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican second-tier debate , Dec 15, 2015

When terrorists join ISIS, they sign U.S. death warrant

Q [to Gov. Huckabee]: How would you defeat ISIS ideologically?

HUCKABEE: If their intent is to kill us, [then] our intent to use every means possible to get to them before they get to us. The rules of engagement have got to be loosened, because we have to make sure that we are not just going over and setting off some fireworks. We have to kill every one of them, to make it very clear that [if you] threaten action against the United States, and you've just signed your death warrant. We're coming to get you. And you won't be coming to our shores. You're going to be going to your funeral.

CRUZ: ISIS is gaining strength because the perception is that they're winning. And President Obama fuels that perception. That will change when militants across the globe see that when you join ISIS that you are giving up your life, you are signing your death warrant, and we need a president who is focused on defeating every single ISIS terrorist and protecting the homeland, which should be the first priority.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican two-tier debate , Dec 15, 2015

If you wage jihad on America, you sign your death warrant

Q: You asked the chairman of the joint chiefs: "What would it take to destroy ISIS in 90 days?" He told you "ISIS will only be truly destroyed once they are rejected by the populations in which they hide." And then you accused him of pushing Medicaid for the Iraqis.

CRUZ: When I asked that to General Dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs, he said there is no military solution. We need to change the conditions on the ground so that young men are not in poverty and susceptible to radicalization. That, with all due respect, is nonsense. It's the same answer the State Department gave that we need to give them jobs. What we need is a commander in chief that makes clear, if you join ISIS, if you wage jihad on America, then you are signing your death warrant. I introduced the Expatriate Terrorist Act that said if any American travels to the Middle East and joins ISIS, that he or she forfeits their citizenship so they don't use a passport to come back and wage jihad on Americans.

Source: Fox News/Facebook Top Ten First Tier debate transcript , Aug 6, 2015

We have no greater friend than Israel in Middle East

A deep and abiding passion has been strengthening our friendship with the nation of Israel, an alliance that has been profoundly undermined in the Obama administration. Unfortunately, over the past six years, the Obama administration has demonstrated an unprecedented hostility to the Jewish state, and its actions have weakened not only our alliance but Israel's very security.

I believe we have no greater friend in the Middle East. Like us, Israel is a nation of immigrants, a country based on ideas, on our shared Judeo-Christian, democratic values. I also believe that from a purely American point of view, supporting Israel is tremendously beneficial to our national security interests. It is also in our economic interests. Since being elected, I have visited Israel three times and have worked hard to repair the damage the administration has done to this vital relationship.

Source: A Time for Truth, by Ted Cruz, p.298-9 , Jun 30, 2015

Toughen sanctions on Iran, to safeguard America

On Iran, Cruz would increase and toughen sanctions, and end current nuclear talks until Congress approves the outlines of a deal.

His approach is summed up in a bill the Texas Senator unveiled last week, the "Sanction Iran, Safeguard America Act."

Source: PBS News Hour "2016 Candidate Stands" series , Mar 23, 2015

Provide defensive weapons for Ukraine against Russia

Q: German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she does not think it is time to arm the Ukrainians yet. Why is she wrong?

CRUZ: She said she did not believe there was any prospect for Ukraine to be successful in defending itself against Russian aggression. I think that's mistaken. What [Obama and Merkel are] doing with regard to Ukraine and with regard to Russia makes no sense, and it isn't working. It is long past time for us to step forward and provide defensive weapons, so that the men and women of Ukraine can defend their nation. They are our allies. We committed ourselves to standing with Ukraine to defend their territorial integrity.

Q: Should the US arm the Ukraine over the objections of the Germans?

CRUZ: What we're seeing is, when America doesn't lead, Europe can't be expected to step into the breach. What is missing from this is the president of the US. I'm part of a large bipartisan congressional delegation that is united on the need for us to provide defensive arms to Ukraine.

Source: CNN SOTU 2015 interviews of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Feb 8, 2015

Arm the Kurds to fight ISIS, with US air support

Q: What about US troops on the ground to fight ISIS in Iraq?

CRUZ: We met today with the president of Kurdistan. The Kurds on the ground are fantastic fighters. The Peshmerga have been our allies. And they're actually fighting every day to stop ISIS. Now, what makes no sense whatsoever is, the Obama administration is refusing to directly arm the Kurds. We need to arm the Kurds now because they are our boots on the ground. I don't believe it is necessary to put American boots on the ground if we are arming the Peshmerga. The Peshmerga on the ground, combined with overwhelming American airpower, can take out ISIS.

Q: So some in the Pentagon who apparently are considering about 10,000 U.S. troops on the ground, that would be a bad move?

CRUZ: In my view, American boots on the ground should always be the last step, and we need to exercise other steps before that. We have the availability of overwhelming airpower, and we have boots on the ground that are ready and eager to fight.

Source: CNN SOTU 2015 interviews of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Feb 8, 2015

Focused, direct military objective of destroying ISIS

Q: You've said that the answer is to bomb ISIS back to the Stone Age. Most experts say that will not be enough, that you will need ground forces as well. Would you call up American forces if others don't step up?

CRUZ: We have boots on the ground already with the Kurds. But our government is not providing military weapons effectively to the Kurds. Instead, they're shuttling it all to Baghdad, and Baghdad is very slow in getting it to the Kurds.

Q: But if that's not enough, would you be willing to send American ground troops into that battle?

CRUZ: Look, we need to accomplish the mission and the mission should be defeating ISIS before they succeed in carrying out more horrific acts of terror. If need be, we should go that step. The problem is, right now, the Obama-Clinton-Kerry foreign policy has been consistently wrong on ISIS. Our photo-op foreign policy, where we drop a bomb here or a missile there. We need a focused, direct military objective of taking out and destroying ISIS.

Source: ABC This Week 2015 interviews of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Feb 8, 2015

Bomb ISIS back to the Stone Age

Q: In the US-led air assault against ISIS, you said we ought to "bomb them back to the Stone Age." It does not appear that bombing alone is going to make that happen, that ISIS will not disappear with a US-led air assault. That being the case, where do you see the role, if any, of US military personnel?

CRUZ: Well, unfortunately, the approach of the Obama administration to ISIS has been fundamentally unserious. We have dropped a bomb here, a missile there, but it has really been a photo op foreign policy. What we need is a concentrated, directive military objective to take ISIS out. Now, what does that entail? A far more vigorous air campaign than we're seeing. We're dropping a fraction of the ordnance that we have in other campaigns such as Afghanistan.

Q: Do you think it will involve US troops?

CRUZ: Well, there are over 1,500 on the ground right now. But we have a tremendous asset on the ground right now, which is the Kurds, [whom we should arm].

Source: CNN SOTU 2014 interview series: 2016 presidential hopefuls , Oct 19, 2014

Arm & aid the Peshmerga Kurds against ISIS

Q: Do you think the fight against ISIS will involve US troops?

CRUZ: Well, there are over 1,500 on the ground right now. But we have a tremendous asset on the ground right now, which is the Kurds. The Peshmerga have been strong allies of the US. They are effective fighters. And they desperately need weaponry and assistance. And, for whatever reason, the Obama administration has been delaying aiding the Peshmerga, has been running it all through Baghdad, instead of aiding them directly, and has been blocking them from selling oil, which doesn't make sense. And the Obama administration keeps focusing on Syrian rebels, many of whom have far too close ties to radical Islamic terrorists for it to make any sense for us to be supporting them. The Kurds are allies and they are boots on the ground. And when we work with them in concert, they're ready to fight on the front line, along with serious airpower. If it were a military objective to take ISIS out, I think that's what we would be doing.

Source: CNN SOTU 2014 interview series: 2016 presidential hopefuls , Oct 19, 2014

Don't arm Syrian rebels without a clear plan to combat ISIS

Three likely Republican White House contenders thrust the party's foreign policy divide into the spotlight with their votes and comments on a measure to arm moderate Syrian rebels. While Florida Senator Marco Rubio voted in favor of the plan, which passed, Kentucky's Rand Paul and Texas Senator Ted Cruz voted against it, with Paul opposing intervention and Cruz arguing that President Barack Obama had not provided a clear plan to combat Islamic State.

"Intervention is a mistake. Intervention when both sides are evil is a mistake. And yet, here we are again, wading into a civil war," Paul said. His doubts ran contrary to the thinking of Rubio, who advocated an aggressive response.

The debate over arming the rebels to fight the spread of Islamic State has exposed long-brewing schisms for Republicans: A divide between proponents of a muscular American foreign policy, like Rubio and Cruz, vs. advocates of a scaled-back international presence, like Paul.

Source: Reuters 2014 coverage of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Sep 18, 2014

Bomb ISIS back into the Stone Age, with Congress' approval

Q: You offered this scolding assessment of how the U.S. is confronting the threat from ISIS:

CRUZ (ON TAPE): What we ought to have is a direct concerted overwhelming air campaign to take them out.

Q (END TAPE): In Iraq and Syria?

CRUZ: The focus should be Iraq, but the real focus should be taking out ISIS. Within Syria, it should not be our objective to try to resolve the civil war in Syria.

Q: You said that the U.S. should bomb ISIS back into the Stone Age. Should that take Congressional approval?

CRUZ: It should absolutely take Congressional approval, I think.

Q (voice-over): But not all Republicans agree. On Friday, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida sent a letter to the White House saying the president doesn't need Congress, he should act swiftly on his own. What advice would you give the president?

CRUZ: I think it is an urgent concern to strike while ISIS is vulnerable.

Source: ABC This Week 2014 series of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Sep 7, 2014

Install Eastern European ABMs; stand up to Russia in Ukraine

Q: In Ukraine, what would you have done differently there?

CRUZ: There's a whole range of activity. President Obama set two straw men: One, invade or two, do nothing. And there's a whole range of intermediate steps. Pres. Obama should have spoken out clearly in support of freedom, in support of the protesters when the protesters began in the Maidan Square. I had the privilege of traveling through the Maidan Square, being led by 16-year-old high school girl who saw her compatriots shot by army snipers And they continue to protest for freedom. America should speak out for freedom. But then after that, we should stand with our allies and not give into Russia. We should, right now, install the anti-ballistic missile batteries in Eastern Europe, in Poland, the Czech Republic, that were scheduled to go in 2009, that Pres. Obama canceled in an effort to appease Putin. That hadn't worked. And we should be using energy as a tool to help liberate the Ukrainian people and to impose costs on Putin.

Source: ABC This Week 2014 series of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Jun 1, 2014

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan went on too long

Both candidates agreed that the U.S. should not commit to military action in Syria, and said that while the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began for noble reasons, they went on too long. Only a bit of disagreement came when Dewhurst said the Obama administration pulled combat troops out of Iraq too soon and should have left some behind.
Source: San Francisco Chronicle on 2012 Texas Senate debates , Jun 22, 2012

Sponsored shutting down Iranian foreign reserves.

Cruz co-sponsored Iran Sanctions Loophole Elimination Act

Congressional Summary:Prohibits US-based correspondent accounts or a payable-through accounts by a foreign financial institution that knowingly:

Arguments for and against bill: (New York Times, May 8, 2013): Seeking to escalate pressure on Iran, a bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation that would deny the Iranian government access to its foreign exchange reserves, estimated to be worth as much as $100 billion. The legislation would be the first major new sanction confronting Iran since its inconclusive round of negotiations last month on its disputed nuclear program.

Sponsors of the legislation contend that Iran is not bargaining in good faith while it continues to enrich uranium. Part of the reason, they say, is that Iran has been able to work around the worst effects of the sanctions by tapping its foreign currency reserves overseas, which are largely beyond the reach of current restrictions. "Closing the foreign currency loophole in our sanctions policy is critical in our efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability," the sponsors said.

Critics said the new legislation risked further alienating Iranians who suspect that the sanctions' true purpose is not to pressure Iran in the nuclear negotiations, but to cause an economic implosion that would lead to regime change. "When we've cemented a sanctions escalation path, we're creating a trajectory toward actual confrontation," said the founder of the National Iranian American Council, a Washington group that opposes sanctions. Some Iranian leaders, he said, see the sanctions "as a train that can only go in one direction and has no brakes."

Source: S.892 13-S892 on May 8, 2013

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