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We need to focus more on cyber-attacks

Q: What national security issue do you worry about that nobody is asking about?

CAIN: Having been a ballistics analyst and a computer scientist early in my career, cyber-attacks: that's something that we do not talk enough about, and I happen to believe that that is a national security area that we do need to be concerned about.

GINGRICH: I helped create the Hart-Rudman Commission with President Clinton, and they came back after three years and said the greatest threat to the United States was the weapon of mass destruction in an American city, probably from a terrorist. That was before 9/11. That's one of the three great threats. The second is an electromagnetic pulse attack which would literally destroy the country's capacity to function. And the third, as Herman just said, is a cyber attack. All three of those are outside the current capacity of our system to deal with.

Source: 2011 CNN National Security GOP primary debate , Nov 22, 2011

The media give out misinformation; a disservice to America

GINGRICH: You have had a terrific life. We fought Hillarycare together years ago, what's been the biggest surprise to you in running for president?

CAIN: The nitpicketyness of the media. I did not realize the fly-specking nature of the media when you move up in the polls, because if there is a journalistic standard, they don't follow it, and too many people give out misinformation. Too many people in the media are dishonest and do a disservice to the American people.

Source: Head-to-head debate between Herman Cain & Newt Gingrich , Nov 5, 2011

A New Voice: interconnected network of voters

Technology has dramatically transformed our nation and our lives and continues to do so at an accelerated rate. We must change public policy at an accelerated rate. To accomplish this will require A New Voice. A New Voice is the voice of those voters who are tired of politics and politicians as usual. It is a voice of common sense and urgency. A New Voice is not a political party; it's a purpose. That purpose is to inform, educate, and inspire motivated voters to leverage their collective voices to bring about more aggressive congressional action on the big issues.

Our strategy is simple. Stay focused on a few big issues. Establish a highly motivated and mobilized base of voters. Make our voices hear in Congress clearly, swiftly, and consistently.

A New Voice is your voice. While many organizations have struggled to keep up with the technology, a New Voice will maximize technology to develop a Vocal, Interconnected, and Persistent (VIP) network of voters.

Source: They Think You're Stupid, by Herman Cain, p.165-167 , Jun 14, 2005

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