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Limit unemployment to 26 weeks at first, then half later

GINGRICH: We need to require training. 99 weeks of unemployment sitting doing nothing could be turned into an associate's degree.

CAIN: The government has been intellectually dishonest about entitlement programs for 50 years. Ultimately, all these programs work together and what we come back to is that education and a job are the two best things that get people off these programs. We need to look at how to get people back to work, want to get off it, and there will be a few people who are lazy and they don't want to help themselves. I would restructure unemployment so that if you got 26 weeks unemployment one time, then next time you would only get 13 weeks, then 7.5 weeks so that you are encouraged to get and keep a job.

GINGRICH: I would connect the unemployed to the jobs we can't fill.

Source: Head-to-head debate between Herman Cain & Newt Gingrich , Nov 5, 2011

I understand workers' needs because I've been a worker

Q: You profess to be pro-business. Can you be pro-worker at the same time?

CAIN: The answer is absolutely yes, because I was a worker before I was an executive and before I was a business owner. Absolutely. I know how to be pro-worker because I came from a pro-worker family. My mother was a domestic worker, my father was a barber, a janitor, and a chauffeur, all at the same time. I understand work because that's how I came up. So the answer is, absolutely yes. The two are not mutually exclusive, but what we need is the right leadership, starting with, are we working on the right problems? If we keep tinkering around the edges on the tax code or tinkering around the edges on Social Security, we're not going to solve the right problem.

Source: 2011 GOP Tea Party debate in Tampa FL , Sep 12, 2011

Government doesn't create jobs; businesses create jobs

Q: Can a president create jobs without expanding the role of the federal government?

A: The opposite is necessary: the president must make the government smaller and reduce regulations on businesses. Government doesn't create jobs. Businesses create jobs. Government needs to get out the way. Lower top corporate and personal tax rates to a MAX of 25%. And most importantly, make them permanent! Uncertainty kills the economy.

Source: 2011 Republican primary debate on Twitter.com , Jul 21, 2011

Economy is stalled like a train with no engine & no fuel

Q: What would you do as president to create jobs?

A: The thing we need to do is to get this economy boosted. This economy is stalled. It's like a train on the tracks with no engine. And the administration has simply been putting all of this money in th caboose. We need an engine called the private sector. That means lower taxes. Uncertainty is killing this economy. This is the only way we're going to get this economy moving, and that's to put the right fuel in the engine, which is the private sector.

Source: 2011 GOP primary debate in Manchester NH , Jun 13, 2011

I believe in right-to-work laws

Q: New Hampshire could soon become the 23rd state to pass right to work legislation. Unions don't like it because it makes membership voluntary. Would you support a federal right-to-work law?

PAWLENTY: People shouldn't be forced be a member in any organization. And the government has no business telling you what group to be a member of or not.

GINGRICH: I hope that N.H. does adopt right-to-work. I'd keep it at the state level because as each new state becomes right to work, they send a signal to the remaining states.

CAIN: I do believe that the states should have the right. I believe in right-to-work, and I hope that N.H. is able to get it passed. And I agree with the speaker and the others who believe that if the federal government continues to do the kinds of thing that this administration is trying to do through the back door, through the National Labor Relations Board, that's killing our free market system, which made this economy great. And we have to keep the free market system strong.

Source: 2011 GOP primary debate in Manchester NH , Jun 13, 2011

Employee Free Choice Act is really forced unionization

The federal government impedes economic growth by interfering in the employer and employee relationship. While labor unions once provided a representative body to lobby for fair wages and safe working conditions, they now principally serve as a political mechanism for the Left. Forced unionization through the dishonestly named "Employee Free Choice Act," or "card check," would drive up the costs of goods & services, cause jobs to be lost and a more powerful system of liberal fundraising to be maintained.
Source: Campaign website, www.hermancain.com/ "Issues" , May 21, 2011

Card-Check is union intimidation, not free choice

When someone takes the time to actually read the proposed "Card Check" legislation (H.R. 800), you will discover that many of the proponents of this legislation have lied.

Currently, the employees vote directly twice, one of which is the secret ballot, and a third time through their bargaining representatives. Under the proposed rules, the employees would sign a card and then they are totally out of the process from that point on. Proponents think that's "free choice."

Proponents have also alleged that employers intimidate employees into not joining a union. That's ridiculous, because most employers work at trying to keep their workers happy for competitive reasons and because it enhances employee morale. I personally know of many more stories of union intimidation of employees than instances of employer intimidation.

Workers have every right to unionize if they choose to do so, but employers have some rights also. They have the right to simply shut the doors.

Source: Political column, THE New Voice, "Card Check Lies" , Feb 9, 2009

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