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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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2006 Congressional National Political Awareness Test, by Project Vote Smart

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Baron Hill: Personally opposes abortion, but it’s a private decision.
    Baron Hill: Supports stem cell research on existing embyo lines.
    David Loebsack: Don’t chip away at Roe v. Wade.
    Jason Altmire: Legal abortion only for incest, rape, or life of woman.
    Phil Hare: Abortions always legal, except some partial birth abortions.
    Tim Walz: Abortions should always be legal.
    Tim Walz: Supports embryonic stem cell research.
    Andrew Romanoff: I support Roe v.Wade.
    Gary Perry: Restrict abortion, and no public funding.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Expand stem cell research.
    Leonard Schwartz: Abortion should be legal but not tax-funded.
    Erik Fleming: Abortions should be legal only within the first trimester.
    Kenneth Chase: Support stem cell research on existing lines of stem cells.
    Scott Jameson: Abortion should be a state legislative issue.
    Steve Osborn: Keep 1st trimester abortions legal; plus rape & health risk.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Reduce economic necessity for abortions.
    Bill Bowlin: Give reasons to choose to deliver, and medical care if not.
    Bill Bowlin: Support existing stem cell research.
    Peter Ricketts: Opposes embryonic stem cell research.
Budget & Economy
    Zane Lawhorn: Reform entitlements & raise sin taxes to balance budget.
    Brian Moore: Transfer defense-related spending to social programs.
    Scott Jameson: Transition to a pay-as-you-go system.
    Leonard Schwartz: Balance budget by eliminating non-essential expenditures.
Civil Rights
    Chris Carney: Opposes gay marriage; supports equal gay rights.
    Chris Carney: Consider many factors in state contracts, but not race.
    David Loebsack: Continue affirmative action programs.
    Jerry McNerney: Support affirmative action in public college admissions.
    Phil Hare: No constitutional definition of marriage.
    Phil Hare: Continue affirmative action.
    Tim Walz: Continue Affirmative Action against unequal representation.
    Andrew Romanoff: Recognize domestic partnerships between same-sex couples.
    Andrew Romanoff: Apply affirmative action to state college admissions.
    Brian Moore: Discontinue affirmative action programs.
    Gordon Howie: No affirmative action in public employment or colleges.
    Joaquin Castro: Supports affirmative action for all state decisions.
    John Bel Edwards: Support affirmative action in government hiring and college.
    Kyrsten Sinema: Include gender identity in anti-discrimination laws.
    Kyrsten Sinema: Apply Affirmative Action to all state decisions.
    Mark Pocan: Supports affirmative action in state hiring & colleges.
    Scott D`Amboise: Treat all races and genders the same.
    Howie Hawkins: Continue affirmative action programs.
    Scott Jameson: No constitutional definition of marriage.
    Mike McGavick: Supports affirmative action in government contracting.
    Mike McGavick: Supports constitutional amendment defining marriage.
    Leonard Schwartz: No constitutional nor governmental definition of marriage.
    Alan Schlesinger: Discontinue affirmative action programs.
    Erik Fleming: No constitutional amendment defining marriage.
    Erik Fleming: Consider race for government contracting decisions.
    Kenneth Chase: Constitutional amendment to define 1-man-1-woman marriage.
    Kenneth Chase: Discontinue affirmative action programs.
    Stan Jones: Constitutional definition of one-man-one-woman marriage.
    Stan Jones: Discontinue affirmative action programs.
    Allen McCulloch: Discontinue affirmative action programs.
    Scott Jameson: Discontinue federal affirmative action programs.
    Barbara Radnofsky: No constitutional definition of marriage.
    Barbara Radnofsky: No amendment defining one-man-one-woman marriage.
    Bill Bowlin: Define marriage as one man and one woman.
    Bill Bowlin: Include sexual orientation in anti-discrimination laws.
    Bill Bowlin: Ok to consider race and gender in government contracts.
    Peter Ricketts: Reduce government regulation of the private sector.
    Dwight Grotberg: Reduce government regulation of the private sector.
    Bruce Guthrie: Reduce government regulation of the private sector.
    Baron Hill: Prefers life sentence to death penalty.
    Baron Hill: Life imprisonment must mean life imprisonment, forever.
    Chris Carney: Supports death penalty for treason.
    Chris Carney: Supports alternative sentencing & rehabilitation.
    David Loebsack: Eliminate the death penalty.
    David Loebsack: Support prison rehabilitation & drug treatment.
    Jason Altmire: Supports the death penalty.
    Jerry McNerney: Eliminate the death penalty.
    Jerry McNerney: Provide inmates with job skills & alcohol treatment.
    Phil Hare: Support the use of the death penalty.
    Phil Hare: More community police; more prison rehabilitation.
    Tim Walz: Eliminate the death penalty.
    Tim Walz: Supports prison rehabilitation & job training.
    Andrew Romanoff: End parole for repeat violent offenders.
    Andrew Romanoff: Support the death penalty.
    Brian Moore: Eliminate the federal death penalty.
    Brian Moore: Reduce prison sentences for non-violent crime.
    Cynthia Dill: Alternative penalties for non-violent offenders.
    Gary Perry: Supports death penalty; opposes parole for violent offenders.
    Gordon Howie: Supports death penalty; no parole for repeat offenders.
    Joaquin Castro: More community centers; more job assistance for inmates.
    John Bel Edwards: Rehab for criminals; enforce hate crime & white collar crime.
    Mark Pocan: Alternative sentencing, plus rehab for criminals.
    Scott D`Amboise: Supports the federal death penalty.
    Scott D`Amboise: Stricter penalties for juveniles & corporate criminals.
    Victor Mitchell: More prisons; less parole; harsher punishments.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Eliminate the federal death penalty.
    Dwight Grotberg: Support the use of the death penalty for federal crimes.
    Bruce Guthrie: Eliminate the federal death penalty.
    Bruce Guthrie: Reduce prison sentences for non-violent crimes.
    Mike McGavick: Supports the death penalty.
    Mike McGavick: Prosecute minors as adults for violent crime.
    Leonard Schwartz: Eliminate the death penalty.
    Leonard Schwartz: Stop imprisoning people for victimless activity.
    Alan Schlesinger: Supports the federal death penalty.
    Alan Schlesinger: Mandatory jail for drug pushers; but not non-violent crime.
    Erik Fleming: Eliminate the federal death penalty.
    Erik Fleming: Supports rehabilitation and addiction programs for inmates.
    Kenneth Chase: Support the use of the death penalty for federal crimes.
    Kenneth Chase: Mandatory jail for drugs; stricter white-collar penalties.
    John Raese: Supports death penalty for federal crimes.
    John Raese: Prosecute violent minors as adults.
    Stan Jones: Supports the death penalty.
    Allen McCulloch: Give inmates job training & drug rehab.
    Scott Jameson: Reduce prison sentences for non-violent criminals.
    Scott Jameson: Death penalty ok if no secret courts.
    Steve Osborn: Supports death penalty.
    Steve Osborn: Reduce penalties for non-violent crimes.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Support the use of the death penalty for federal crimes.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Support the use of the death penalty.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Support prosecution of “hate crimes”.
    Bill Bowlin: Supports use of death penalty.
    Peter Ricketts: Supports the death penalty.
    Chris Carney: Mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    David Loebsack: Allow medical marijuana.
    David Loebsack: More funding for Colombia to combat the war on drugs.
    Jason Altmire: Mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    Jerry McNerney: Support mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    Phil Hare: Medical marijuana ok; but more penalties for distributors.
    Tim Walz: Supports medical marijuana.
    Andrew Romanoff: Restrict pseudophedrine sales; it can be used for meth.
    Brian Moore: Decriminalize marijuana; end funding for war on drugs.
    Gary Perry: Stricter penalties for drug crimes, especially meth.
    Joaquin Castro: Strengthen sentences for drug-related crimes.
    Kyrsten Sinema: Decriminalize marijuana possession.
    Mark Pocan: Decriminalize possession of marijuana.
    Scott D`Amboise: Mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Eliminate war on drugs; decriminalize marijuana.
    Dwight Grotberg: Mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    Bruce Guthrie: Decriminalize marijuana; defund the Drug War.
    Alan Schlesinger: Medical marijuana ok; more drug treatment programs.
    Kenneth Chase: Mandatory jail for drugs; but medical marijuana ok.
    John Raese: Mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    Allen McCulloch: Mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    Scott Jameson: Eliminate funding for the war on drugs.
    Steve Osborn: Decriminalize marijuana and allow medicinal prescriptions.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Increase border security to stop inflow of illegal drugs.
    Barbara Radnofsky: More funding to Colombia to combat the war on drugs.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Stop flow of illegal drugs at the border.
    Bill Bowlin: Mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    Peter Ricketts: More border security and stricter sentencing for drugs.
    David Loebsack: Provide needed resources for failing schools.
    Jason Altmire: More funds for school infrastructure & college loans.
    Phil Hare: More school funding; more teacher mentoring.
    Tim Walz: Vouchers for public schools; tax incentives for college.
    Brian Moore: Supports public school vouchers.
    Cynthia Dill: More funding for schools, teachers, and Head Start.
    Gary Perry: Provide state funding to increase teacher salaries.
    Gary Perry: Supports school prayer, and abstinence in sex ed.
    Joaquin Castro: More funds for schools, teachers, and college.
    Mark Pocan: More funding for public schools and teachers.
    Peter Ricketts: Supports charters and vouchers for private schools.
    Chris Lugo: Supports vouchers for private or religious school.
    Dwight Grotberg: Supports vouchers for private or religious schools.
    Bruce Guthrie: Supports vouchers and charter schools.
    Leonard Schwartz: Vouchers as temporary transition to end government schooling.
    Alan Schlesinger: Allow vouchers at private & parochial schools.
    Kenneth Chase: Supports vouchers even for private & religious schools.
    John Raese: Vouchers ok for public, private, & religious schools.
    Scott Jameson: Vouchers ok for public, private, or religious school.
    Steve Osborn: Vouchers ok for public, private, and religious schools.
    Bill Bowlin: More funding for school infrastructure & college.
Energy & Oil
    Jason Altmire: Increase fuel efficiency and develop alternative fuels.
    Gary Perry: Supports traditional domestic energy like coal & oil.
    Joaquin Castro: Supports alternative fuel plus traditional sources.
    John Bel Edwards: More ethanol; more CAFE standards; more alternative fuels.
    Scott D`Amboise: Explore for oil in ANWR.
    Dwight Grotberg: Develop traditional energy resources; drill ANWR.
    Bruce Guthrie: Develop alternative fuels to reduce pollution.
    Alan Schlesinger: Encourage alternative fuels but also drill ANWR.
    John Raese: Develop oil & coal; drill ANWR.
    Stan Jones: Develop oil & coal; drill ANWR.
    Scott Jameson: Develop alternative fuels and ethanol.
    Steve Osborn: Increase development of oil, coal, and natural gas.
    Bill Bowlin: Drill ANWR but also develop alternative fuels.
    Scott D`Amboise: Relax restrictions on federal land for logging & recreation.
    John Bel Edwards: Strengthen environmental enforcement for clean air.
    Peter Ricketts: Compensate private landowners for enviro regulation cost.
    Chris Lugo: Strengthen CWA, CAA, and emission controls.
    Dwight Grotberg: Relax recreational & logging restrictions on federal lands.
    Bruce Guthrie: Strengthen “polluter pays” laws & Clean Air Act.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Strengthen emission controls and fuel efficiency standards.
    Bill Bowlin: Strengthen Clean Water Act. & Clean Air Act.
Families & Children
    Bill Bowlin: Include contraceptives with AIDS foreign aid.
    Bill Bowlin: Limit violent and sexual content on television.
Foreign Policy
    Scott D`Amboise: Decrease financial support of the United Nations.
    Zane Lawhorn: The United Nations is Useless Nations.
    Brian Moore: Pressure North Korea to abandon nukes; but no military force.
    John Bel Edwards: Offer foreign aid for humanitarian crises, including AIDS.
    Bo Heyward: America should leave the UN.
    Chris Lugo: Ok to commit US troops & money to the UN.
    Dwight Grotberg: Decrease financial support of the United Nations.
    Bruce Guthrie: Scale back international aid, except for emergency aid.
    Mike McGavick: Provide international aid for disasters & national security.
    Mike McGavick: Use diplomacy & economic pressure on North Korea, not force.
    Leonard Schwartz: Nuclear deterrence worked on USSR; do same for North Korea.
    Stan Jones: Foreign aid is unconstitutional and must be eliminated.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Supports US troops on UN peacekeeping missions.
    Bill Bowlin: Maintain financial support of the United Nations.
Free Trade
    Chris Carney: Opposes NAFTA & CAFTA, but supports GATT & WTO.
    Jerry McNerney: Opposes NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT.
    Tim Walz: Opposes NAFTA and CAFTA, but stay in WTO.
    Zane Lawhorn: Keep trade embargo against Cuba, and other violators.
    John Bel Edwards: Support NAFTA, CAFTA, and WTO, but account for rights.
    Scott D`Amboise: Opposes NAFTA; consider human rights in trade relations.
    Tom Allen: Opposes CAFTA, but supports GATT & WTO.
    Chris Lugo: Opposes GATT; withdraw from WTO.
    Bruce Guthrie: Opposes NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT.
    Mike McGavick: Supports NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and WTO.
    Leonard Schwartz: Free trade raises the standard of living.
    Alan Schlesinger: Supports NAFTA, CAFA, GATT, and WTO.
    Erik Fleming: Opposes NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT.
    Kenneth Chase: Supports NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and WTO.
    John Raese: Suports NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT.
    Stan Jones: So called Trade Agreements are unconstitutional.
    Allen McCulloch: Supports NAFTA and GATT, but with protections.
    Scott Jameson: No NAFTA, no CAFTA, no WTO.
    Bill Bowlin: Supports NAFTA, GATT, and WTO.
    Bill Bowlin: Include human rights and environment in trade discussions.
    Peter Ricketts: Supports NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and WTO.
    Peter Ricketts: Trade rules for labor & environment, but not human rights.
Government Reform
    Chris Carney: Supports public funding for political camapigns.
    Jason Altmire: Supports public funding for political camapigns.
    Phil Hare: Supports public funding of campaigns.
    Tim Walz: Public funding for political campaigns.
    Zane Lawhorn: Public funding for federal candidates instead of PACs.
    Andrew Romanoff: Limit all types of campaign contributions.
    Gary Perry: Term limits for Governor but not legislature.
    Gordon Howie: No limits on campaign contributions, expect disclosure.
    Joaquin Castro: Limit campaign donations, plus full disclosure.
    John Bel Edwards: Public funding for campaigns, but deregulate soft money.
    Kyrsten Sinema: Contribution & spending limits on political campaigns.
    Mark Pocan: Limit campaign contributions and campaign spending.
    Peter Ricketts: No holiday for voting; no instant runoff voting.
    Scott D`Amboise: Remove all contribution limits on federal campaigns.
    Tom Allen: Supports public taxpayer funding for federal candidates.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Public taxpayer funding for federal campaigns.
    Dwight Grotberg: Increase allowable individual campaign contributions.
    Jean Hay Bright: Generous allotment of campaign TV time, publicly-funded.
    Bruce Guthrie: Increase individuals campaign donation limits.
    Leonard Schwartz: Unregulated soft money; no contribution limits.
    Alan Schlesinger: Public campaign financing; but no PAC contributions.
    Erik Fleming: Support public taxpayer funding for federal campaigns.
    Kenneth Chase: Support public taxpayer funding for federal campaigns.
    John Raese: Increase limits on donations to political campaigns.
    Stan Jones: Increase individual limits on campaign donations; & no PACs.
    Allen McCulloch: Increase individual limits for campaign donations.
    Scott Jameson: Removal all limits on campaign donations.
    Steve Osborn: Increase individual limits for campaign donations.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Public funding for candidates complying with spending limits.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Support public taxpayer funding for federal campaigns.
    Bill Bowlin: Let people contribute more to federal campaigns.
Gun Control
    Baron Hill: Firm bleiever in the Second Amendment.
    David Loebsack: Ban semi-automatics; require licenses & background checks.
    Jerry McNerney: Strengthen restrictions on purchase & possession of guns.
    Phil Hare: No armor piercing ammunition; yes child safety locks.
    Tim Walz: Supports concealed carry.
    Andrew Romanoff: Allow concealed carry; enforce existing gun laws.
    Brian Moore: Restrict sales; require licensing; strengthen enforcement.
    Dennis Kucinich: Ban sale or transfer of semi-automatic guns.
    John Bel Edwards: Maintain restrictions & records of individuals and guns.
    Kyrsten Sinema: Supports background checks, gun licenses, and enforcement.
    Chris Lugo: Ban semi-automatics; require licenses & background checks.
    Howie Hawkins: Strengthen existing federal gun restrictions.
    Bruce Guthrie: Ease federal gun restrictions.
    Mike McGavick: Allow concealed carry.
    Alan Schlesinger: Ease federal gun restrictions.
    Erik Fleming: Enforce existing laws; allow concealed carry.
    Kenneth Chase: Not taking position on gun control issues.
    Allen McCulloch: Ease restrictions on gun purchase & gun carrying.
    Bill Bowlin: Licenses and permits ok; but allow concealed carry.
    Peter Ricketts: Allow concealed carry.
Health Care
    Baron Hill: Wary of universal government-run health care.
    Tim Walz: Supports universal health care.
    Zane Lawhorn: Supports MSAs, tort reform, and SCHIP.
    Gary Perry: Supports managed care & tort reform.
    Gordon Howie: Limit medical malpractice lawsuits; but support suing HMOs.
    Leonard Schwartz: Health care is not a government responsibility.
    Kenneth Chase: Healthcare is not a federal responsibility.
    Scott Jameson: Health care is not a federal responsibility.
    Peter Ricketts: Supports health savings accounts & limiting lawsuits.
    John Bel Edwards: Universal health care with guaranteed coverage.
Homeland Security
    Baron Hill: Strong military important post-9-11.
    Baron Hill: Fight terrorism but do not sacrifice our personal freedoms.
    Chris Carney: No random searches; no pre-emptive strikes without threat.
    Jason Altmire: Military tribunals for terrorists ok.
    Jerry McNerney: Pre-emptive military strikes OK; military tribunals OK.
    Phil Hare: No phone-tapping; no random searches; no pre-emptive strikes.
    Tim Walz: Supports military tribunals to try suspected terrorists.
    Zane Lawhorn: Increase funding to states and cities for homeland security.
    Scott D`Amboise: Military tribunals for terrorists; email searches for FBI.
    Scott D`Amboise: Pre-emptive military strikes when national security threat.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Reduce $ on missile defense; eliminate Homeland security $.
    Mike McGavick: Military tribunals & other tools ok for terror.
    Mike McGavick: Pre-emptive military strikes ok for national security.
    Leonard Schwartz: Decrease defense spending & missile defense spending.
    Leonard Schwartz: No phone taps; no random searches; no torture.
    Alan Schlesinger: Torture ok; pre-emptive strikes ok; phone-tapping ok.
    Alan Schlesinger: More spending on missile defense & new weapons.
    Erik Fleming: No military tribunals; no email searches; no torture.
    Kenneth Chase: No military tribunals & no torture; but reading email ok.
    Kenneth Chase: Supports pre-emptive military strikes.
    John Raese: Military tribunals & phone taps ok for war on terror.
    Stan Jones: Fight terrorists with intel & law, not military.
    Scott Jameson: Privacy protections have eroded; no military tribunals.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Diplomatic methods first; last resort is coercion.
    Barbara Radnofsky: No military tribunals for terrorists; but no torture either.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Pre-emptive strikes must remain in our arsenal.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Oppose military tribunals to try suspected terrorists.
    Bill Bowlin: Greatly increase military hardware and new weaponry.
    Bill Bowlin: Against greater discretion to read mail & tap phones.
    Bill Bowlin: Decide torture & pre-emptive strikes case-by-case.
    Peter Ricketts: Phone-taps ok; military tribunals ok; torture not ok.
    Peter Ricketts: Supports policy of pre-emptive military strikes.
    Baron Hill: Opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants.
    Chris Carney: Establish English as the official national language.
    David Loebsack: Supports temporary worker program; enforce employer laws.
    Phil Hare: Decrease legal immigration; enforce against illegals.
    Andrew Romanoff: Penalize businesses that hire undocumented immigrants.
    John Bel Edwards: Establish English as the official national language.
    Dwight Grotberg: Establish English as the official national language.
    Bruce Guthrie: Increase legal immigrants; support temporary worker program.
    Mike McGavick: Establish English as the official national language.
    Leonard Schwartz: Focus immigration laws away from hard working people.
    John Raese: Oppose amnesty; patrol borders; establish official English.
    Stan Jones: Illegal immigration is an attack on our nation.
    Scott Jameson: Eliminate access to public services for undocumented aliens.
    Peter Ricketts: Secure the border and establish official English.
    Jerry McNerney: Job anti-discrimination laws include sexual orientation.
    Brian Moore: Increase the minimum wage.
    Gary Perry: Opposes affirmative action for state contracts & colleges.
    Chris Lugo: Increase the federal minimum wage.
    John Raese: Reduce government regulation of private sector employment.
    Scott Jameson: Eliminate all federal unemployment programs.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Provide proper incentives for keeping US jobs at home.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Stop rewarding companies for shipping American jobs overseas.
    Bill Bowlin: Increase the minimum wage.
Social Security
    Baron Hill: Opposes privatization of Social Security.
    David Loebsack: Increase FICA cap to $150,000.
    Tim Walz: Increase the payroll tax.
    John Bel Edwards: Opposes raising retirement age; opposes private accounts.
    Scott D`Amboise: Invest payroll tax in self-managed private accounts.
    Dwight Grotberg: Allow investing portion of payroll tax in private accounts.
    Leonard Schwartz: Social Security is a Ponzi scheme; privatize it.
    John Raese: Self-investing in private accounts ok.
    Allen McCulloch: Invest payroll tax in stocks & bonds; decide individually.
    Steve Osborn: Let workers invest and manage private accounts.
    Bill Bowlin: Total commitment to do the right thing.
Tax Reform
    Chris Carney: Repeal Bush’s tax cuts.
    David Loebsack: Don’t repeal the estate tax; do repeal Bush tax cuts.
    Jason Altmire: Keep the estate tax; but not the Bush tax cuts.
    Jerry McNerney: No estate tax repeal; no permanent Bush tax cut.
    Phil Hare: Eliminate Bush tax cuts for earners over $200,000.
    Tim Walz: Don’t repeal the estate tax; do repeal Bush tax cuts.
    John Bel Edwards: Keep the estate tax; don't keep Bush tax cuts.
    Tom Allen: Restore PayGo rules; undo 2001 & 2003 tax cuts.
    Robert Fitzgerald: No estate tax repeal; no permanent Bush tax cut.
    Bruce Guthrie: Tax burden is unbearably high.
    Erik Fleming: Permanent repeal of estate tax, but not Bush tax cuts.
    Kenneth Chase: Make estate tax repeal & Bush tax cuts permanent.
    Allen McCulloch: Make Bush tax cuts and estate tax cuts permanent.
    Scott Jameson: Eliminate the inefficient & totalitarian personal income tax.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Roll back the unfair tax cuts the very wealthiest.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Keep inheritance tax for top .5% of estates.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Roll back unfair tax cuts for the very wealthiest.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Inheritance taxes only for the top 0.5% of estates.
    Bill Bowlin: Lower taxes on low earners; higher taxes on high earners.
    Bill Bowlin: Opposes making President Bush’s tax cuts permanent.
    David Loebsack: Supports net neutrality.
    Jerry McNerney: Mandates against violent and sexual content on television.
    Brian Moore: Moratorium on Internet tax; enforce Internet crime.
    John Bel Edwards: Legislate how personal information is used on the Internet.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Legislate online data collection; support Net Neutrality.
    Bo Heyward: No regulation of Internet except for criminal activity.
    Chris Lugo: Collect taxes on commercial Internet transactions.
    Dwight Grotberg: Regulate Internet content; prosecute Internet crimes.
    Scott Jameson: Continue moratorium on Internet taxation.
    Bruce Guthrie: Continue the moratorium on Internet taxation.
    Barbara Radnofsky: I strongly support net neutrality.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Strongly supports net neutrality.
War & Peace
    Baron Hill: War in Iraq was a mistake, and has been mismanaged.
    Chris Carney: Withdraw one US battalion as each Iraqi battalion is trained.
    Jason Altmire: No additional troops to Iraq.
    Jerry McNerney: Withdraw US troops from Iraq.
    Phil Hare: Iraq war needs an exit strategy.
    Tim Walz: Stabilize Iraq, if possible, before withdrawing.
    Tim Walz: Ensure an achievable mission in Iraq.
    Zane Lawhorn: Don't leave Iraq until they pay us 3B bbl in oil.
    John Bel Edwards: Engage Israel, Afghanistan, & North Korea, but out of Iraq.
    Scott D`Amboise: Keep troops in Iraq until Iraqis can support themselves.
    Leonard Schwartz: Withdraw US troops from Iraq; Bush lied.
    Erik Fleming: Withdraw US troops from Iraq.
    Kenneth Chase: Withdraw US troops from Iraq.
    John Raese: Iraq exit strategy: We win, they lose.
    Stan Jones: Withdraw from Iraq incrementally.
    Scott Jameson: Withdraw from Iraq with specific dates & goals.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Supports creation of a Palestinian state.
    Bill Bowlin: Win the peace without question then begin exit.
Welfare & Poverty
    Cynthia Dill: Increased work requirements for able-bodied recipients.
    Joaquin Castro: Job training & childcare subsidies for welfare recipients.
    John Bel Edwards: Supports poverty aid through religious & community groups.
    Kyrsten Sinema: Marriage promotion for welfare recipients is offensive.
    Mark Pocan: Training, transport, and childcare for welfare recipients.
    Scott D`Amboise: Poverty aid thru religious or community-based organizations.
    Dwight Grotberg: Allow federal poverty aid via religious organizations.
    Howie Hawkins: Expand public works to guarantee an adequate income.
    Bruce Guthrie: Keep federal welfare programs, for now.
    Mike McGavick: Direct federal poverty aid through religious.
    Mike McGavick: Drug screening & drug testing for welfare recipients.
    Leonard Schwartz: Libertarians aren’t busybodies; you decide welfare spending.
    Alan Schlesinger: Supports block grant welfare flexibility.
    Erik Fleming: Direct federal poverty aid through religious organizations.
    Kenneth Chase: Block grants and religious groups ok for welfare.
    John Raese: Direct federal poverty aid through religious organizations.
    Scott Jameson: Abolish all federal welfare programs.
    Steve Osborn: Welfare via religious and non-profit groups.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Supports flexible state block grants & workfare.
    Bill Bowlin: State welfare flexibility in federal block grants.
    Peter Ricketts: Focus welfare on states & religious non-profits.

The above quotations are from 2006 Congressional National Political Awareness Test, by Project Vote Smart.

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