Samuel Alito on Welfare & Poverty

Supreme Court Justice (nominated by Pres. George W. Bush 2005)


Eminent domain affects emotions, not just money

SEN. SESSIONS: The Supreme Courtís Kelo [decision deals with the] property that people own. Do you have a sense of where the American people are with regard to these issues?

ALITO: I have an appreciation of peopleís concerns?certainly with respect to Kelo, which involves the power to take property for public use through eminent domain. What occurred in that case was the taking of the homes of people of modest means for the purpose of building a large commercial facility that was thought by the city to be beneficial to the economic welfare of the city, that this is an enormous blow to the people whose homes are being taken. People live in homes and they have a sentimental attachment to them. They have memories that are attached to the homes. The neighborhood means something to them. And taking their home away and giving them money in return, even if they get fair market value for the home, is still an enormous loss for people.

SESSIONS: Thatís an overreach, in my opinion.

Source: Sam Alito 2006 SCOTUS Senate Confirmation Hearings , Jan 11, 2006

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