Samuel Alito on War & Peace

Supreme Court Justice (nominated by Pres. George W. Bush 2005)


President does not have a blank check in time of war

SEN. LEAHY: Justice OíConnor wrote that the president does not have a blank check even in time of war. And yesterday, you told Senator Specter that you agreed with Justice OíConnorís general statement. A very different view was in the dissent. Justice Thomas would have upheld the extreme claims for this all-powerful and essentially unchecked president. He argued the governmentís power could not be balanced away by the court and there is no occasion to balance the competing interests. Which one is right?

ALITO: Justice OíConnor wrote the opinion of the court. She concluded that the authorization for the use of military force constituted an authorization for detention. I think that the war powers are divided between the executive branch and the Congress. I think thatís a starting point to look at in this area. I certainly donít think that the president has a blank check in time of war. He does have the responsibility as the commander in chief, which is an awesome responsibility.

Source: Sam Alito 2006 SCOTUS Senate Confirmation Hearings , Jan 11, 2006

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