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2018 New Mexico Senate race: debates and news coverage

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    from 2018 NM Senate race (number of quotes indicated):
  • Gary Johnson (19) New Mexico Libertarian Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Martin Heinrich (20) Democratic Challenger New Mexico
  • Mick Rich (36) Republican candidate for New Mexico U.S. Senator New Mexico
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    New Mexico 2018 Senatorial debates and race coverage:
  • The Hill, "Rand Paul endorses Gary Johnson's Senate bid," by Megan Keller, 08/28/18
  • Vox.com, "Senate Democrats want the government to say if GDP growth is helping the middle class," by Emily Stewart, Aug 28, 2018
  • OnTheIssues transcript of "Elect Liberty PAC" TV ad for Gary Johnson, Aug. 8, 2018
  • NMPoliticalReport.com, "The Hard Hat and The Beast: Mick Rich Criss-crosses State," by Andy Lyman, March 19, 2018
  • Carlsbad Current-Argus, "Rich criticizes opponent D.C. politicians," by Adrian C Hedden, Jan. 19, 2018
  • Alamogordo Daily News, "Rich hopes to work for NM families in DC," by Duane Barbati, April 24, 2017
  • Albuquerque Journal, "Contractor to vie for Heinrich's Senate seat," by Dan Boyd, April 19, 2017
  • U.S. News & World Report, "Construction Contractor Announces US Senate Bid," by Morgan Lee, 4/19/2017

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Gary Johnson: Personal aversion but recognizes as law of the land.
    Martin Heinrich: Legal without restrictions, including Planned Parenthood.
    Mick Rich: Life begins at conception; de-fund Planned Parenthood.
    Mick Rich: Abortion rips the moral fabric of our nation.
Budget & Economy
    Gary Johnson: Cut government spending by 20%.
    Gary Johnson: Cut taxes and cut spending.
    Martin Heinrich: Measure distribution of growth, not just overall GDP growth.
    Mick Rich: Government red tape destroys job growth.
Civil Rights
    Mick Rich: Public leaders need to set example to help diffuse racism.
    Gary Johnson: Scrap Dodd-Frank and CFPB consumer protections.
    Martin Heinrich: Fund Dodd-Frank and CFPB consumer protections.
    Mick Rich: Roll back Dodd-Frank and CFPB consumer protections.
    Mick Rich: Less government oversight but more federal funding.
    Martin Heinrich: It's time to legalize marijuana.
    Mick Rich: Opposes legalizing recreational use.
    Mick Rich: Ending illegal drugs crossing the border will be #1 priority.
    Gary Johnson: Competition improves choices.
    Gary Johnson: Cut Pell grants; eliminate all student loans.
    Martin Heinrich: Privatization especially hurts rural schools.
    Martin Heinrich: Address the significant loss in value of Pell Grants.
    Mick Rich: Supports vouchers, savings accounts, & scholarship programs.
    Mick Rich: Let Pell grants cover job training.
Energy & Oil
    Gary Johnson: Humans contribute to climate change, but no government role.
    Martin Heinrich: Moral obligation to prevent devastating climate change.
    Mick Rich: Coal plant filters can solve CO2 emissions without subsidies.
    Mick Rich: Support oil & gas industry for fuel independence.
    Mick Rich: Make public lands accessible for energy production.
    Gary Johnson: EPA has an important role to play.
    Martin Heinrich: EPA needed to protect health & well-being.
    Mick Rich: Environment is fragile, but businesses are overregulated.
    Mick Rich: Cost-benefit analyses for environmental improvement projects.
    Mick Rich: Wants commercial use of natural resources on federal lands.
Families & Children
    Martin Heinrich: Early supporter of gay marriage.
    Mick Rich: Vote for opportunities to build jobs and help families.
Free Trade
    Gary Johnson: Tariffs hurt U.S. industries.
    Martin Heinrich: Tariffs are sledgehammer where surgical approach needed.
    Mick Rich: Current trade with China is not fair;impose tariffs.
    Mick Rich: Aluminum & steel tariffs are a way to cut a better deal.
Government Reform
    Gary Johnson: Let corporations donate as much money as they want.
    Gary Johnson: Voter ID disproportionately restricts Hispanic voters.
    Martin Heinrich: Overturn Citizens United via Democracy for All Amendment.
    Martin Heinrich: Voter ID disproportionately affects minority communities.
Gun Control
    Gary Johnson: More gun laws make us less safe.
    Martin Heinrich: Ban bump stocks; ban sales to federal no-fly list.
    Mick Rich: No restrictions on semi-automatic weapons nor silencers.
    Mick Rich: Background checks on all firearm purchases, no exceptions.
    Mick Rich: 2nd Amendment is a God-given right.
Health Care
    Gary Johnson: Free-market approach to health coverage instead of ObamaCare.
    Martin Heinrich: No Medicare work rules; support ObamaCare.
    Mick Rich: Restore a free-market approach to health insurance.
    Mick Rich: Allow insurance plans to be sold across state lines.
    Mick Rich: Reinstate free market model for health insurance.
Homeland Security
    Mick Rich: Strong military is essential for our protection.
    Martin Heinrich: Tough but fair path to earned citizenship, including DACA.
    Mick Rich: Illegals must leave & apply for citizenship like anyone.
    Mick Rich: New policy on applicant merit, not family relationships.
    Mick Rich: We can only accept so many immigrants, but let's negotiate.
    Gary Johnson: Eliminate federal minimum wage instead of raising it.
    Martin Heinrich: Raise minimum wage from $7.25 to $15.
    Mick Rich: Remove regulations that discourage hiring, like minimum wage.
Principles & Values
    Gary Johnson: Endorsed by Rand Paul; asks Dem to drop out of Senate race.
    Gary Johnson: Fiscally conservative and socially cool.
Social Security
    Gary Johnson: Some or all of Social Security should be privatized.
    Martin Heinrich: Signed Social Security Protectors Pledge.
Tax Reform
    Martin Heinrich: Trump tax cuts do little for working families.
    Mick Rich: Trump tax cuts stimulated investment & job creation.
    Mick Rich: Support Trump tax bill; 80% get a pay cut.
    Mick Rich: Low taxes creates job opportunities.
    Gary Johnson: Opposes Net Neutrality; government shouldn't regulate.
    Martin Heinrich: More federal spending on transportation infrastructure.
    Martin Heinrich: Supports Net Neutrality; reverse FCC's repeal.
    Mick Rich: More federal spending on infrastructure repair.
    Gary Johnson: Left NM with new highways and a billion-dollar surplus.
    Mick Rich: Rebuilding crumbling infrastructure will create employment.

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  • Gary Johnson New Mexico Libertarian Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Martin Heinrich Democratic Challenger New Mexico
  • Mick Rich Republican candidate for New Mexico U.S. Senator New Mexico

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